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Gyanvapi Mandir Puja and Meltdowns

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Gyanvapi Mandir Puja and Meltdowns

The Gyanvapi Mandir Puja restarted on 1st February 2024! The Varani Court allowed Hindus to pay homage to their deities and roots by praying in the basement of the disputed site. This judgment has triggered meltdowns among the ‘peaceful’ communities. The zealots and bigots have come crawling out of their holes to beat their chests and weep their worries. Let’s talk about the Gyanvapi Mandir Puja meltdown on social media platforms!

Historical Context To Meltdowns

Judge Ayaja Vishvesha's go-ahead for puja at Gyanvapi mosque
Judge Ayaja Vishvesha’s go-ahead for puja at Gyanvapi mosque | The Print

Originally a grand Vishwanth temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stood at a disputed site. Sadly, it fell victim to the ravages of the Mughal zealot ruler Aurangzeb and his forces. The overly pious and Hindu hater monarch ordered the demolishment of the Hindu temple to make way for a mosque. This is recorded by the Mughal court writers and historians themselves. Thus, there was never any doubt that Gyanvapi was a Mandir!

However, Muslim appeasement in independent India gave birth to the draconian Place of Worship Act. Thus, Sanatanis have to fight legally for every square foot of Hindu civilizational birthright.

Consequently, the courts asked for an ASI survey to prove the existence of the self-evident Mandir. Fortunately, the ASI reports conclude the structure is partly composed of the erstwhile Mandir. Moreover, idols of Hindu deities and temple carvings were found in its basements. Even the very name “Gyanvapi” comes from Sanskrit, further solidifying its Hindu origins. Thus, after the ASI report was made public, the Varanasi Court allowed Hindus to conduct puja in the basement of the Gyanvapi Mandir. 

Meltdowns and Outrage: Reaction to Gyanvapi Mandi Puja

Now, let’s explore the uproar caused by the decision to allow Hindu puja ceremonies in the basement of the Gyanvapi Mandir:

  • Arfa Khanum, a Senior Editor at THE WIRE, tried to dirty the waters of Bhakti by stating that on his last working day, the retiring Judge permitted Hindu Puja. What she means to imply is that maybe the Judge got a kickback of sorts! However, Bharat is grateful to the man who instead of ignoring the issue, did his job till his last day of duty.

  • Rana Ayyub insinuated that the puja ceremonies were politically motivated. Since the BJP has fulfilled its 35-year-long promise to the Hindus, Gyanvapi has become BJP’s new election ‘jumla’. However, 35 years-long wait proves the Ram Mandir was not a ‘Jumla’ but ‘Nishtha’. Maybe this is what scares her the most! Hindu will take back every brick and every bit of self respect, even if it takes them decades! 

  • AIMIM leader and MP, Asaddudin Owaisi vehemently opposed the decision, citing violations of the Places of Worship Act 1993. He fears that events like the 6th of December may repeat in Bharat under the current regime! However, he forgets that the 6th December 1992 demolition of the Babri structure was when Congress ruled the center. The BJP does not need to demolish any structure as over the years evidence and surveys prove the Hindu’s right repeatedly.  

The Fallacy of Ownership: Muslim Boards and Historical Wrongs

Finally, let’s examine the misguided sense of ownership displayed by Muslim boards over Hindu places of worship.

Despite the clear evidence of Hindu heritage at the Gyanvapi Mandir, some Muslim zealots cling to the notion that the mosque rightfully belongs to them.

This attitude stems from centuries of Mughal rule and Congressi Muslim appeasement.

Both of these regimes ensured that Hindus were systematically oppressed in Bharat. Even during British colonial rule, Hindu pleas for the restoration of their temples fell on deaf ears. After independence, the draconian 1992 Places of Worship Act only exacerbated the situation. It serves as a weapon in the hands of the Muslim zealot. Not amending this act of constitution when in the majority is one of the biggest errors of the Modi-era BJP administration. Here is how the Islamic leaders of Bharat are responding to the Puja:

  • Thus, instead of acknowledging this fact Muslim zealots are throwing tantrums. Syed Mohammad Yaseen, Secretary of the Gyanvapi Mosque, questions why their mosque is being investigated and opened to Hindus. He calls it an act of Judicial Karseva! However, he conveniently ignores that millennia of Hindu worship took place on this site before its final desecration at the hands of Aurangzeb. He forgets about the west wall and the shivling in the Wazoo Khana!

  • Maulana Arshad Madni, of Jamiat Ulama, even suggests that for Bharat to be secular, 500-year-old mosques should not be demolished. However, why should thousands of years of worship give way to 500-year subjugation?  

  • Shafiqur Rahman Barq, an SP Leader, conveniently rejects the ASI report. He calls it propaganda and a lie that is being forced on the Ummah. However, he probably never really looked at the Western Wall of the Gyanvapi Structure to identify the still-present Mandir.  

  • All India Muslim Personal Law Board also rejects the ASI report. Does he also reject the Mughal records and the Islamic traveler records that prove Gyanvapi Mandir’s truth and its final destruction at the commands of Aurangzeb?

Points To Ponder

The fight for Gyanvapi Mandir’s right to exist shall continue for a while. While Ayodhya Ram Mandir was a long and tedious battle, Hindus shall not forsake other sites of dispute. Hindus have faced centuries of oppression. Their rights and privileges as a majority were always overlooked. It has taken a long time for the Sleeping Sanatani to awaken and demand his due.

Let the legal battles continue, we shall not lose faith or hope! Let Bharat’s truth ring loud!  Hopefully, Hindus will be blessed with long awaited justice! May Mahadeva’s Mandir open its doors soon! Until then let’s continue to watch the two-faced secularism-quoting Muslim zealots cry their hearts out! Har Har Mahadeva! 

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