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Allahabad High Court Warns Against Unbridled Religious Conversions

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The Allahabad High Court warns the nation of the repercussions of fervent religious conversions. In a landmark ruling, the High Court refused bail to an accused under the UP Prohibition of Unlawful Conversion of Religion Act, 2021. The court highlighted the growing concerns over unchecked and forced religious conversions in the nation. Let’s explore why the Court warns against this deliberate attempt to change the identity of Sanatana Bharat!

Allahabad High Court And The Conversion Case

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A case in the Allahabad High Court placed religious conversion on the spot. The allegations against several individuals, including the informant’s brother, were taken from their village to Delhi. Why? They were given the excuse of attending a “well-being” gathering. However, this event allegedly aimed at converting them to Christianity. Justice Rohit Ranjan Agarwal, of Allahabad High Court, warned against such religious congregations facilitating conversions. He emphasized that if left unchecked, the current majority Hindu population would soon become a minority.

“Such religious congregations should be immediately stopped where the conversion is taking place and changing the religion of citizens of India,” the Court warned.

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The FIR detailed that the accuser was promised that the informant’s mentally ill brother would be treated and returned to his native village within a week. However, the brother did not return and no satisfactory reply was provided. Hence, the informant escalated her queries by reaching out to the accuser. The Court underscored that Article 25 of the Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and the right to profess, practice, and propagate religion. However, it does not explicitly sanction religious conversions.

“Propagation means to promote, but it does not mean to convert any person from his religion to another religion,” the Court clarified.

Unbridled Unlawful Conversion Activities Across India

The Allahabad High Court noted that the accused had taken people to attend religious congregations in New Delhi under false pretenses. Thereafter, the innocent attendees were converted to Christianity. Unfortunately, this case is not isolated. The Court expressed concern over unlawful conversion activities specifically targeting SC and ST communities. Economically disadvantaged groups across UP are also prime targets for shallow or short-term gains. Such activities violate the law. 

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The Bench highlighted, “It has come to notice in several cases that unlawful conversion of people of SC/ST castes and other economically poor persons into Christianity is being done at a rampant pace throughout Uttar Pradesh.”

A report suggests that border towns in UP already have more than 30% Muslim population. The border states are crumbling against Abrahamic conversions and now it seems to be the Hindu heartland’s turn. Unfortunately, caste politics and policies have handed the reigns into the hands of these predatory faiths. Consequently, the Hindu heartland is assaulted from all corners to ensure that Sanatana Dharma disappears into the pages of history! 

Demographic Changes and Regional Politics

The issue of religious conversions is not confined to Uttar Pradesh. Similar rackets are running wild in Punjab. Reports suggest that certain parts of Punjab are already Christian majority. The once-Hindu state of Manipur is under assault of rampant Christian conversion to ensure that the Hindus are in the minority in the state.

Threat of Christian missionaries in India. | Struggle for Hindu Existence
PC Hindu Existence

Kerala Hindus are already a minority in the state.

The Muslims edge out the Christian population in the state.

Religious demography of Indian states and territories | Pew Research Center
PC Pew Research Center : Map is based on 2011 Census. Extrapolation of this data may yield frightening results.

West Bengal’s rapid Islamization is another point of concern. The recent incidents of Kangaroo Court shows that Bengal is fighting its last wars of Sanatani existence. Thus, it seems that Santani Identity in all border states is losing fast ground. And in Bharat, these demographic changes can no longer be attributed to just the settlement of infiltrators as part of appeasement politics by regional parties. Predatory conversion policies of Abrahamic religions ensure that the weaker sections of Sanatana Sankriti become easy prey. False promises of jobs, food, medicine, etc. have ensured that economically weaker sections also become easy pickings. Thus, the significant increase in conversion rates should ring loud alarm bells in the minds of the Sanatani community. The conversion enthusiasts have crossed your borders Bharat, and they are coming to the mainland to confuse and convert!

Word To The Wise

NGOs and organizations, like the Joshua Project, aim to identify and convert non-Christian communities worldwide. And they seem to be reaping souls in Bharat at an alarming rate. Add to the mix, the various conversion tactics employed by the “peaceful” community, and the social fabric of Bharat unravels very fast. Conversion campaigns to convert Hindus to Islam or Christianity are being funded by foreign aid. The union government stemmed this aid for conversion via its policies regarding foreign funding. However, policies are not enough to stop the mass conversion occurring every day. 

The identity of Bharat and the ‘atman’ of the Sanatani Sanskriti is at stake.

Conversion enthusiasts are working at a break-neck pace with a concerted effort to alter the demographic balance of the country. This should be a warning call for Sanatanis who still enjoy majority status in Bharat.

The Allahabad High Court’s ruling is a stern warning against the unchecked religious conversions in India. The Court’s emphasis on the potential demographic changes highlights a pressing issue that requires immediate attention. As the court denied bail to the accused, it underscored the need for stringent measures to curb unlawful conversions. However, the onus to protect the Sanatana Dharma lies in the hands of its believers.

Bharat needs Sanatnai warriors on the ground to protect the demographic integrity of the nation. May this ruling serve as a wake-up call to address rampant and unchecked religious conversions at play in different regions of India. May the political parties put away their agendas and differences to protect the Sanatani voices! If Bharat ignores these calls, then soon Hindus shall hold minority status in the land of their forefathers!

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