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Shatru Bodh: The Joshua Project and the Harvesting of Souls from India

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Understanding thy enemy is the road to victory. Thus, all Sanatanis must increase their Shatru Bodh on ‘The Joshua Project’ that is harvesting souls from India for Christ. The project is a Christian missions organization that is egging on the extreme conversion rates to Christianity in India. It aims to reach every unreached people group in the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The organization has been nefariously keeping its nose clean while staying active as a conversion enthusiast in Bharat for several years.

The recent support of the dot-dot brigade to a rice-bag-convert political leader is also partly due to the influence of this organization and its sponsors. The Bharat of today stands at the cusp of another Dharma Yudh. Only the weapons have changed. A deeper understanding of the organization that aims to harvest souls from India for Christ is a necessary form of Shatru Bodh.  

What is the Joshua Project?

Founded in 1989, The Joshua Project was the brainchild of Sean Feucht and Gary Richter. The organization’s mission is:

“Mobilize the church to reach every unreached people group with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The Joshua Project does this by providing resources, training to churches & groups, and allowing Christian missionary groups under its chapter organizations. Under the guise of conducting research on unreached people groups, it diligently collects information on the non-Christian communities of Bharat.

The project catalogs the 93% non-Christian population of Bharat on location, religious affiliation, language, and population. This data is categorized using the postal code pin code system. They have a Church Planting Indicator or CPI that uses 0-5 ranks to measure the growth of churches established and the number of people converted.

Is the Joshua Project responsible for extreme Christian conversion rates in India?

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The Joshua Project is actively working towards its goal in India to plant thousands of churches and train thousands of missionaries. This work has contributed to the country’s high rate of Christian conversion. According to a 2015 report by the Pew Research Center, India has the world’s third-largest Christian population. Moreover, the report states that India’s Christians are growing at a 4% annual rate. The Joshua Project and other Christian missionary organizations are the primary cause of this rising Christian conversions in India.

What is the Joshua Project in Northern India?

50,000 north Indian Christians gather for Gospel convention
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In the Northern zone, this organization has the “North India Harvest Network (NIHN).” Their stated mission is “Plug, Prem, and be Nice.” Plug means to place people in every language in Urban centers identified by the groups. Prem means to mobilize equipment and training for so-called prayer and research within the target zones. Finally, ‘Nice’ is an acronym for Networking, Initiative, Catalyst, and Encouraging related to Christian missionaries in India. Those who suffer under the suppression of the quota system in the Indian education system and Indian job market, find appeal in the benefits of aligning with the church’s minority appeal. The propaganda of anti-Hinduism or Hinduphobia also contributes to harvesting of souls from India.

What is the Joshua Project in Central India?

Christian missionaries want conversions to stop, just not the ones they do

aThe sponsors of this organization target the barely literate tribal groups in the central zone of Bharat. Reports state encouragement to conversion is usually in the form of ‘kambal’, ‘chawal’, or ‘cash’. Most times, it is the access to ‘convent education,’ ‘church-supported jobs,’ and missionary ‘medical help’ that drives the conversion rates in the central part of India. 

Reports show that fake ‘satanic’ or ‘demonic’ exorcism rallies are held in this region. Such events play upon the superstitious views of the tribals or the lesser educated lot. While the central government is trying to ensure that coercion for conversion is penalized, the state governments need to implement and interpret the laws appropriately. The rise of Christianity among the tribals showcases the lackadaisical attitude of the state governments towards conversion enthusiasts. Thus, the question arises what do the state governments gain by allowing conversions? Moreover, does this religion-based politics contribute to their vote-bank?

Are there nodes of the Joshua Project in the Southern and Northeastern zones of India?

ASIA/PHILIPPINES - The celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the arrival of the Gospel have been extended for another year - Agenzia Fides
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Joshua Project is the primary culprit for Christianity in the Northeastern states. They confuse tribes and unite them under the cross. These tribals are an easily manipulated force that is frequently wielded by the subtle call of the church against any initiative of the central or state government that does not meet with the church’s approved plans.

DR JAGADISH J HIREMATH on X: "Christians in Kerala have incultured Hindu traditions and behave as if they come from bible 😀😀😀😂" / X

Unsurprisingly, the project is immensely successful in the southern states where misguided individuals under the Aryan-Dravidian divisive politics were convinced of the evils of Hindu Dharma. ‘Rice-bag-converts’ is a popular term for those who choose Christian ideology for personal or professional gains in the southern states of Bharat. The Church dominates the minds of the people from these states by presenting itself as the ‘Dharohar’ of modernity and progress. Its facade deftly hides its fanatic evangelical roots and conversion enthusiasm. 

The two regions contribute largely to the harvesting of souls from India by this so-called non-profit organization. The silent rise in Christian conversions in these areas has a negative impact on the Hindus and Sanatan Dharma. 

The General Tactics of Christian Conversion in India

Christian Missionaries on Caste - Pragyata
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The rise of Christianity in India significantly impacts the country’s precarious religious balance. Since rejection of inclusivity is a major part of Abrahamic religions, the spikes in conversion to these non-inclusive religions destroys the fabric of Bharat’s Vasudeva Kutumbakam philosophy. Moreover, missionary activities are the true cause of religious tensions and provocative political statements on Sanatana Dharma and Hindus in the media. 

For true Shatru Bodh, Sanatanis must know the following are a few points of notice related the Joshua Project’s aggressive tactics to convert individuals to Christianity: 

Targeting of Vulnerable Communities

The Joshua Project focuses on vulnerable communities in India. The organization deliberately targets disadvantaged groups, such as the economically impoverished and socially marginalized, with promises of better opportunities, education, and healthcare in exchange for converting to Christianity.

Lack of Transparency

The lack of transparency in the Joshua Project’s operations makes it difficult to track its activities and assess their impact on local communities. This lack of transparency raises suspicions about the true nature of its work. What is true cause for harvesting souls in the name of Jesus? Are they expanding in reigns where natural resources and mineral deposits are a lucrative target? 

Cultural Erosion

Beyond the conversion itself, the project leads to concerns about the potential erosion of indigenous cultures and traditions. The project’s forceful imposition of a foreign religion on the people of Bharat leads to the loss of cultural identity and the ethical moorings of the converted individuals and communities. This breeds the fanatic nature in converts to prove their loyalty to the religion by encouraging others to convert as well. 

The Future of India that is Bharat

The rise of Christian conversions in India is significantly impacting the political spheres of Dharma Bhumi Bharat. The Joshua Project and other Christian mission organizations fuel the country’s high rate of Christian conversion. Thus, here are a few questions the readers must answer for themselves. Is Islam the only religion that is trying to erode the roots of Sanatana Dharma? Are the evangelical missionaries and organizations like The Joshua Project not responsible for ensuring the deracination of Hindu Dharma among the masses? Is Bharat, the Karma Bhumi of every Sanatani, facing a Dharma Yudh? Since Bharat Bhumi is the mother of all religions, it may also be the grounds for their last breath. May each Sanatani wake up from their ‘Tandra Nidra’ to recognize the Dharma Bhumi’s plight and gain Shatru Bodh.

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