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Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

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The Taliban rule in Afghanistan has crossed two years, it has brought nothing but misery for the Afghan people

It has been two years since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

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The Taliban and Pakistan claimed that the Taliban takeover brought an end to foreign rule and was akin to independence of the country.

The Taliban promised that unlike its iconoclastic and oppressive rule from 1996-2001 it will be reformed and better this time.

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But perhaps it was a perfidy after all.

Once in power, the Taliban began displaying its true colours, colours which smacked of the phrase “old wine in a new bottle”.

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You may wonder why do I say this, well there are several reasons for my dislike of this despicable regime-


The first and foremost reason is that they are out and out anti-modernity.

In their ideas and statements on how they intend to run the country they take recourse to scriptural literalism, which isn’t really suitable in this 21st century.

The 21st century is driven by science and rationality, something that the Haibatullah Akhunzada led group doesn’t understand.

They do not believe in science, technology and building of institutions.

For them, what matters is taking Afghanistan back to the 7th century.


The Taliban really had a reputation, a rather nasty reputation- for mistreating women.

Mistreating women is a rather mild word, they literally consider as nothing but chattels of menfolk.

After their takeover, the Taliban resurrected the repressive Ministry of Vice and Virtue which issued bizarre and disgusting dictates-

  • Banning women from continuing in their jobs.
  • No education for women beyond class 6.
  • Barring entry of women into gyms and national parks.

The most disturbing thing about this regime is that they continue to hunt those women who collaborated with the Americans and fought against them.

This despicable group even prefer child brides.

To top it all, they have made the niqab compulsory for women and have made it mandatory for women to leave the household only with a male guardian.

There is little doubt that the Taliban rule in Afghanistan smacks of repulsion and a sense of disgust among sane thinking people.

The future of Afghan women, however, appear grim.

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