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E-Dimensional Theory: Revolution In Cosmic Science

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Until now world has known about 3 dimensions, but with the new era setting in, Dr. Subhash Kak has brought in a new discovery. Eminent scientist, researcher and author Shri. Subhash Kak has established a new breakthrough in the field of science and metaphysics. Until now scientific theories revolved around Newton’s Laws and his classical model of physics. But, fortunately as we have leaped up in the new researches and findings Metaphysics and physics are coming together. Alongside, the accuracy and depth of the understanding of the basic questions which have intrigued human mind since eons, are now explored the Vedic way. Yes, the Vedic way!

Ushering into this new era of human consciousness and material understanding, e-dimension is going to play a vital role.

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Why The need of new Theory Arise?

The world which has been following Newtonian theory until now, is now going through a big crisis. Science has taken a leap but stuck to a point where the mind and matter are trying to find a relation but still, science is not able to reproduce it. Therefore, Einstein’s theory of relativity was a breakthrough. If we go beyond that, Schrödinger’s Equation was another step towards the quantum dynamics and theory. All these new theories disproved working of classical physics in the atomic level. This positioning of quantum mechanics makes us understand that all the possibilities in the moment are happening all at once, then and there; to be stated in simpler terms.

Breaking this narrow understanding, e-dimensional theory by Dr. Kak is a new revolution.

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What Is The Theory Of e-Dimension?

As per the current stand of astronomical physics, there is 96% dark matter and dark energy present in the universe. However, direct evidence of any of this is not yet available.
Dimension simply denotes the observable volume. That is, 0 dimension means a point, while 1 is a line, 2 is a plane and 3 is a solid. According to Dr. Kak the dimension between 2 and 3 is called as e-dimension. His theory assumes that,

“…the past history of the universe is its evolution from dimension 0 (Big Bang) through dimensions that go from 1 to 2 and beyond (in real numbers) to the goal of reaching the optimal dimensionality of e, then one can explain that the currently accelerating expansion of the universe will eventually slow down and finally reverse. This ties up many loose ends in current physics.”

Here, e is the Euler’s Number which is equal to 2.71828…(so on). So, when it comes to the understanding of the human mind we can only use integer number, abstract values are non-cognizable at a universal level. Therefore, modern science used integer numbers tod depict dimensions.

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Vedic Paradigm and Modern Science

Ayam aatama brahma

According to the Vedic knowledge, which is a part of Sanatan Shastra Parampara about aatma and chetna; i.e. soul and consciousness are the basic elements in the cosmos. And in Vedanta, which is a stream of philosophy, it is well- known that whatever ‘jagat’ (world) one sees is the reflection of the mind. Whereas, mind is the reflection of the consciousness that has been formed by the interplay of Shiv and Shakti. While, Shiv is the ocean of consciousness and Shakti is movement that motivates Shiva to evolve into this cosmic dance.

But where does actually, e- dimension and Vedic philosophy actually relate?

Time-Space Continuum

Whenever we take up any matter, the basic idea we come up with that matter being existent is due to time and space. Time shows the movement and change, while space is the occupancy of that matter in a defined region. But, when we take this physical reality to its root, the origin of time and space being an entity in themselves; then the interplay of consciousness really strikes the modern mind. Because, modern science has filled the whole understanding with so much mechanical understanding that we often forget to go back to the source.


And interestingly, the source, which is consciousness makes all that is there happen. From a seed to a fruit-bearing tree, from a wick of candle to a nuclear power plant! From every tiny bit to humongous things beyond this earth. To anything which is still unexplored of the human mind resides in the consciousness. Consciousness is not something to be touched or felt or experimented with rather, to be realised.

What Bharat Needs To Learn?

Since a very long time, Bharat has knowingly neglected these roots of the knowledge, the Vedas and our knowledge system. It is high time that Bharat understands the truth and lead the way forward in this century. Because it is almost hundreds of years that we have been lost many people tried to crush our confidence. But, there is nothing to lose still. Because, the esteemed rishis like Dr. Kak are doing this great service towards our ancestors.

Consciousness and aatma are the ideas that Hindus have imbibed in their daily lives, and understanding them is not much of a hard task. It is about to be realised by reading our shastras, engaging with sources of knowledge with pure curiosity. Thus, we would be able to find a way to imbibe the truth.


As the time can be seen as upcoming era of Vedic revival. Even the knowledgeable people of the West are well-aware of the truth as propounded in Sanatan Shastra Parampara. This is neither about West or East, but about the truth. And as the people being very near to this idea of Consciousness and Aatma, Bharatiyas must make an innovative approach to transform their own lives at least.

And undoubtedly, Science is surely going to take a revolutionary leap as and when the consensus arrives on this theory among the fraternity.





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