Monday, July 22, 2024

The Debacle That Is Rahul Gandhi

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Each new day, Rahul Gandhi provides enough meme material with his stupidity. One would think that he would eventually learn his lesson and grow up, but “unfortunately” learning is not Rahul baba’s strongest suit!

Rahul baba cannot say a string of syllables without needing help… his first language. Oh and Rahul Gandhi is 52 years old.

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The Meme Member Of Parliament

Coming on a public platform/press conference to apologise for being irresponsible and committing treason on foreign land is not difficult. Correction: It is not difficult for people with common sense. If the person in question is Rahul Gandhi, then the maturity of a five year old will be higher than RaGa.

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The entire press conference was a debacle of Rahul Gandhi. He was stringing along words very seriously only to be corrected by Jairam Ramesh. The sloppiness of the whole affair is not even funny anymore. It is very “unfortunate” for the Indian Republic that this scion represents the Opposition Party, even though he is not the President of the Indian National Congress.

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As expected, his sloppiness was picked up by the Leading party, just like Jairam Ramesh had suspected. However, a 52 year old man should be held accountable for his actions. It does not get the Congress any brownie points! The BJP on the other hand made the most of their star promoter bungling up again – in a span of ten days! The consistency of Rahul Gandhi is unmatched.

What Will He Do Next?

This is scary and hilarious at the same time. From going to a foreign country and committing treason against the nation to fumbling with basic English (which he is fluent in BTW), Rahul Gandhi has transcended his own records of stupidity. Of course being a meme material suits him best. “Unfortunately” for the nation, this “youth” leader is one of the Members of the Parliament. This clown era began a while back and now the citizens wait for this “unfortunate” clown to clean his act. They will have to wait for a very long time though!

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