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South Indian v/s Bollywood Film Industry

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The South Indian film industry is surging ahead, while Bollywood is declining, it is a South Indian v/s Bollywood showdown

The Southern Indian film industry is called by various names-Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and even Sandalwood!

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Today, the stature of this industry has grown phenomenally.

It’s epitome is the Oscar award for the quirky song ‘Naatu Naatu’.

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On top of that the Southern Indian film industry has truly set the benchmark high for film standards.

In that context, the influence has waned dramatically and is still going down.

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But what explains the decline of Bollywood and ascendancy of South Indian film industry?

Bollywood-Blantantly Anti Hindu

The biggest reason behind Bollywood’s precipitous decline is its vitriolic content against Hindus.

In the 1990s several films portrayed stereotyped the Brahmin pujari as the lustful fellow who would rape women.

By that same standard they will eulogize the Maulvi or English priest in bright light.

Remember the Namaz scene in Sholay?

That is what I am talking about.

On top of that, Bollywood would mock Hindu deities, this is evident from films like Oh My God-I and PK.

PK was especially a disgusting film with full of incendiary anti-Hindu content.

Also, don’t forget the horrendous film Adipurush and the insult that it hurled at Hindus.

It berated and distorted the holy Ramanyana in every manner possible.

South Indian Films-Paragon of Our Culture

While Bollywood is busy villifying Hinduism, the South Indian film industry beautifully upholds our tradition and culture.

This is immortalised in Bahubaali-II when Prabhas applies Mahakal blessed ashes from the Yagna while fighting Bhallaldeva.

Allu Arjun’s films too portray Hinduism in beautiful light.

Also, who can forget the still from the RRR film where Ram Charan beautifully glorifies Lord Ram.

South Indian film industry knows that our Dharma, Sanskriti must always come first and not petty profit.

Low Quality of Films

The Bollywood films of these days have jettisoned quality.

Most of the films they make are either copied or low grade in terms of cinematography and screenplay.

Whereas, Southern film industry undertakes a lot of painstaking research in their films.

Some examples include Makkhi, Rorschach, Bheeshma Parvan, Pushpa-the rise, 96 etc.

Makkhi was especially unique because of its idea and the cinematography.

On top of that, Bollywood actors are scrambling to the South Indian film industry for opportunities.


Hence it is very clear that going forward the Southern Indian film industry will lead the country in the field of cinema, even as Bollywood slowly loses its sheen and relevance.

Therefore in the South Indian film industry v/s Bollywood, the former will surely emerge victorious.



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