Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Crime against Hindu

Bail Denied to Shoeb Akhtar for Beheading A Kaffir Woman

In a spine-chilling case that has gripped the nation, the Allahabad High Court on July 9th denied bail to Shoeb Akhtar. He beheaded a...

Waqf Board Claims Land Around Mahadev Temple In Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Waqf Board in Maharashtra is again in the news for its actions of land grabbing. Reports state that on 25th May 2024, a village...

Temple Priests Under Attack in DMK’s Tamil Nadu?!

Tamil Nadu Hindus must be hanging their heads in shame. The recent news on the arrest of four temple priests in that state shows...

Karnataka Becomes Anti Hindu As YouTuber Is Savagely Assaulted for Praising PM Modi!

In a spine-chilling incident that has left the nation reeling, YouTuber Rohit Kumar faced a horrifying assault in Karnataka. It was simply for expressing...

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