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Violence Against Hindus – 2021-22

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With secularism rearing its ugly head, the fallout for it is for all to see. This time yet again an innocent young Hindu boy, Harsha lost his life at the hands of fanatical Islamists just because he voiced his opinion against Hijab. What kind of freedom of speech and expression is this? Is it a country governed by Sharia laws? This wasn’t the first or the last case and sadly Hindus have yet to understand and uncover the brutal and barabaric face of Mullahs. It is imperative not only for their own but for the survival of their future generations.

S. No Date Incident Affected Hindu
Lynching Cases against Hindus 1 20th Feb, 2022 Killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in protest of advocating common uniform for all in Shivamoga, Karnataka Harsha
2 11th Feb, 2022 Purported Lynching of a man in Karnataka for sharing a Whatsapp status against Hijab Dileep Malagimane
3 Feb, 2022 Attack on a 60 year old lady and her son 25 year old son in Nallur village of Karnataka for sharing a Whatsapp post against Hijab Sarojamma, Naveen
4 8th Feb, 2022 Attack on a Hindu family in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh for building a temple in the Hasinapara area, triggering the Islamists. Sushil Brothers
5 6th Feb, 2022 Mob lynching of a young Hindu boy for taking part in Saraswati Visarjan in Jharkhand; Muslim women had teased an unconscious Rupesh by saying that maybe he wasn’t beaten up properly Rupesh Pandey
6 25th Jan, 2022 Lynching of A Hindu man in Ahmedabad for sharing a post describing Bhagwan Krishna’s supremacy over Allah Kishan Bharwad
7 17th Jan, 2022 A 38 year old Dalit brutally killed by Irfan Siddiqui and his brother Sanu, in Delhi’s Sultanpuri area. The deceased’s family has been forced to put their house on sale, due to the rising terror and dominance of Muslims in the area. Irfan had raped Hiralal’s sister and was out post his term in Jail. – Failure of the imaginary construct of Jai-Bheem-Jai Meem. Hiralal Gujarati
8 22nd Sep, 2021 Lynching of a Hindu man in Alwar, Rajasthan Yogesh Jatav
9 7th July, 2021 Lynching of a hindu Dalit man in Jhalawar, Rajasthan by Sagar Qureshi, Imran and others Krishna Valmiki
10 18th Feb, 2022 Hanuman Ji’s Temple Vandalised in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand by Shafi Ahmed, following Rupesh Pandey’s brutal mob lynching by Islamists
Love Jihad 11 16th Feb, 2022 In Lucknow, an architect Danish from Lucknow, changed his name to Devesh and trapped a Hindu lady; not only threatened her but attempted to kill her as well.
12 19th Jan, 2022 Arbaaz aka Vishal of Khandva district of Madhya Pradesh, not only lured a class 10th girl into a relationship but also raped her with Sadiq, a friend of his.
13 4th Jan, 2022 Raju (a Muslim man), portrayed himself to be a Hindu man and had trapped a 15 year old school going Hindu Girl in Kasganj area of U.P.
14 29th Oct, 2021 Rafiul Hussain poses as Rajiv Hazarika in the Sivasagar district of Upper Assam to lure a Hindu girl and forced her to convert to Islam
15 4th Oct, 2021 Kareem as Karan Jadhav in Barwani district of M.P.
16 15th Sep, 2021 Mohammad Ameen as Raja Pandit, trapped Puja Pandey a mother of three in Etawah, where he later on pestered her for dowry and to convert to Islam. Puja Pandey
16 20th Aug, 2021 Love Jihad cases across M.P. in just 2-3 days (Aqib Ansari as Aman Solanki in Dhar District, Shakeer Khan as Shekhar Ray in Gwalior, Faizaan Khan as Kabir Verma in Indore
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