Monday, July 22, 2024

Pakistan’s Nuclear Fiasco Continues To Amuse World Community

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Pakistan’s nuclear fiasco continues unabated, this highlights a lot regarding the hilarious nature of Pakistan’s ‘defence fortitude’

In a hilarious incident, Pakistan’s recent testing of the Shaheen-III nuclear capable ballistic missile went terribly wrong, after initial launch the missile ended up imploding on the testing site, marking yet another fiasco in Pakistan’s attempts to ‘showoff’ its nuclear strength.

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Pakistan which boasts of a being a nuclear country with a strong nuclear arsenal is clearly left red-faced with this failed missile test.

What makes the situation all the more hilarious for foreign policy experts and common masses is the fact that Pakistan’s much vaunted nuclear capable Shaheen set of ballistic missiles was regarded by Pakistanis as their pride.

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Clearly, their pride boomeranged on them, injuring them badly in the process!

What Exactly Happened?

Pakistani media reported on Friday that Pakistan’s Shaheen-3 missile has allegedly struck a nuclear facility in Dera Ghazi Khan City of the country’s Punjab province.

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According to unverified videos shared on social media, the surface-to-surface ballistic missile first misfired on a nuclear facility, leading to a large explosion that could be heard from as far as 20 kilometres away.

As a precautionary measure the Pakistani government snapped internet in the affected region, without specifying when the internet be restored.

Is this the First Time?

This isn’t the first time that Pakistan’s nuclear testing has gone awry.

A similar incident took place in 2020.

At that time, Pakistan’s Babur II missile, which can be fired from both land and sea, crashed into the ground during a test flight in Baluchistan.

Another incident took place in 2021 which involved an unidentified Pakistani missile crash landing in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

What does this Depict?

Pakistan is known to make use of Chinese technology to operate its nuclear arsenal. But given the terrible track record of Chinese technology, the failure of this missile test was bound to happen sooner or later.

This highlights that notwithstanding the bravado of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, it is largely bluff and bluster.

It is true that issues concerning nuclear weapons are not a matter of joke and should warrant the highest safety for experts across the policy domains in Bharat, but it is best to engage in schadenfreude behaviour when it comes to Pakistan.

Hence Pakistan’s nuclear fiasco continues.


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