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Bharat Beware: The Unholy Trio – Pakistan, Hamas and ISIS

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As Israel and Palestine declare an unstated ‘War’, the people of the Middle East burn in fires of torment and terrorism. The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement gave birth to Hamas. This extremist group has a disturbing similarity to ISIS and an uncanny connection to Pakistan. Hamas and ISIS share commonalities and differences that Bharat and its people need to understand. Moreover, Pakistan’s support for Hamas should ring alarm bells for India. What are the lessons Bharat must learn from observing this latest war by Muslims? Will this someday be how Pakistan’s soldiers will try to operate in India?

Comparing Hamas and ISIS

The two organizations are extremist in nature. They are known to be involved in using terrorism as a tool for Islam. In addition, they are mutually supportive of each other for arms and ammunition as well as training of future militants. The recent behavior of Hamas soldiers and the viral videos showcase the low levels of humanity these operatives have sunk to. Hamas and ISIS organizations are similar in the following manner:

  1. Hamas and ISIS hold strict interpretations of Islam.
  2. They prioritize ‘Jihad’ as a means to achieve their goals.
  3. Hamas and ISIS both mistreat captive civilians and treat women as ‘captured slaves’.
  4. They mistreat fallen soldiers and their corpses while taking deep delight in their actions.
  5. They like to behead soldiers in a barbaric celebration of victory.

While both groups face allegations of committing atrocities, they both enjoy the attention gained by humiliating their enemies or their dead bodies. Previously, Hamas’ act of using dead Israelis as human shields has seen global criticism. Moreover, they repeatedly attempt to target civilians to ensure a larger impact of their acts of violence. Similarly, ISIS stands accused of mass executions. They are also known to propagate genocide in regions under their power. Sexual slavery and captive human slaves are part of the narratives of both these organizations.

Hamas’s Actions Unmasks Islam’s Reality

The viral videos of Hamas operatives desecrating the bodies of Israeli soldiers are gaining global condemnation. These reels further escalate tensions between Israel and Palestine. Already the world has seen instances of Hamas holding Israeli soldiers’ bodies hostage as bargaining chips. Such actions have earned Hamas a well-deserved name of a hateful militant group. Moreover, reports of repeated use of Israelis as human shield tactics has shown the world the true rotten core ideology of Hamas. 

The viral videos of stripping and spitting on dead bodies have corrupted the free-speech space of Twitter or X.

Moreover, new videos of beheading and humiliating the corpses of IDF soldiers ensure that the world does not forget the true face of Islamic extremism. Hamas teaches the following to the world about Islam:

  1. Its zealot use ‘Allah’ to justify inhumane actions.
  2. Its leaders’ stand by the use of captured women as slaves.
  3. Its extremists are promised ’72 Hoor’ to murder, attack, or desecrate.
  4. Tolerance and peace should be used as a shield to defend Islamists; while slavery and humiliation should be dealt out to opposers of Islam at every opportunity.
  5. ‘Peacefuls’ are inhumane no matter where they stand.
  6. Good conduct in times of stress cannot be expected from Islamists.   

An Alarming Alliance: Pakistan’s Connection to Hamas

Israel-Palestine conflict: Pakistan backs Hamas attack on Israel | The Economic Times Podcast
PC The Economic Times

Pakistan’s consistent support for Hamas spans financial and military assistance. Moreover, operatives of both Hamas and ISIS enjoy operational freedom within Pakistan’s borders. Many analysts have noted that Pakistan works as a training ground for terrorism. India’s Problematic neighbor helps Hamas explore the bottom of the barrel of terrorist activities. In return, Hamas also teaches Pakistan its tricks from Gaza. Consider the use of drones in Pakistan or tunnels in J&K. Both these were learned by Pakistani terrorist groups from Hamas’ mode of operation in Gaza.

Hamas also supports terrorist organizations, like Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). Both organizations operate in India and pose a substantial threat to India’s sovereignty. Some reports reveal that Hamas operatives actively try to radicalize Indian Muslims, with recruitment efforts targeting these communities.

In Closing

The war in Gaza is not just a Middle-East problem. The shared ideology of Hamas and ISIS should be a global concern. The world and India should beware of the rise of Hamas as another ISIS-like militant group from the Islamic world. Additionally, Pakistan’s steadfast support for Hamas should make India sit up and pay attention to the potential impact of the Israel-Palestine war. Will India suffer from any spillover terrorism from this war? What lessons do peace-loving secularists and liberals learn from watching the horrific Hamas and ISIS reels on Twitter? The world should understand that peace is a pretext for perversion in the ‘peaceful’ religion. Moreover, the world should remember that those nations that stand with Palestine today are similarly likely to come after their neighbors soon.




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