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Pakistani Hindus appeal to India for Asylum

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The marginalized Hindus of Pakistan have appealed to the Indian Government to grant them a safe haven. They beg asylum in India on the basis of brutal communal violence that Islamists of Pakistan have perpetrated unchecked against them in the past two decades. The Hindus population in Pakistan has reduced from 20.4 to 1.9% since 1947. The most serious decline was observed over the last twenty years due the rise of radicalized elements of Islam in the country. However, the global watchdogs are silent over the ethnic genocide of Hindus in Pakistan.

Why can't Pakistani Hindus go to Europe or America as refugees if Syrians and Rohingyas can?
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The nation of Pakistan is on the brink of collapse and its residents are begging for relief from inflation, unemployment, violence, and corruption. The country has a proven history of bias against Hindus.

In fact the inception of Pakistan as a separate country lies in Hinduphobia. Thus, the world and India are unsurprised by the use of heinous acts against Hindus to inspire fear and propagate Islamic conversion

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Hindu Population in Pakistan

Although Hinduism is the third largest religion of the world, India is home to 95% of the global Hindu population. Hinduism is also the second largest religion in Pakistan. In 2017 Pakistan was home to 4.4 million Hindus. They comprised 2.14% of the total population of Pakistan. Currently, the population of Pakistan is approximately 233,300,000. They are the fifth most populous nation in the world.

In 2023, the Hindu population in Pakistan was on a decline. Currently, only 1.9% of Pakistanis are Hindus. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism have been facing oppression and violence in Pakistan for centuries. Recently, there have been reports of forced conversion, false allegations and imprisonment, increasing radicalized violence, abduction of women and children, as well as increase in anti-Hindu elements in the Pakistani society.

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Why do Pakistani Hindus want Asylum?

Pakistani non-Muslims face discrimination and persecution in their daily lives. The rise of Muttahida Majilis-i-Amal (MMA) has increased Hindu marginalization and hate-crime. MMA is a coalition of Islamist political parties in Pakistan. They are known for their specific anti-Hindu stance and agendas. Additionally, the presence of Taliban and its sister elements in Pakistan further encourages an anti-Hindu attitude. Thus, these are two primary causes for increased persecution of Hindus and non-Muslims in Pakistan.

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The religious discrimination and persecution in Pakistan have many Hindus looking to India for safety. Recent events of mass exodus of Hindus from Pakistan has created acrimony in the media. The resident Pakistani Hindus are also appealing to India for asylum. The decreased population of Pakistani Hindus is the testament to the argument that secularism can only survive in a nation where Hindus are in majority. India’s Muslim majority nations continually persecute their minorities such that they are forced to seek refuge in other countries.

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Thus, Pakistani Hindus’ belief in India reaffirms the global agenda of the BJP government to put humanity before regional disputes. Their act of seeking Indian asylum is also a testament to the critical situation of Pakistan as a nation itself. The Pakistani Hindus want the freedom to live their lives without fear or oppression. The Central Government’s anti-terrorism stance does not extend to the Hindus from Pakistan. However, the Indian government faces the increasing demands of its own increasing population. Therefore, if India grants asylum to approximately 4 lakh Pakistani Hindus refugees,, the central government may wonder where it will find resources to house, feed, and clothe them.

Contrarily, the UNO and toolkit media maintain a resolute ‘No Comments’ and ‘No Action Required’ attitude to the plight of Hindu minorities. The vast difference in their attitude for minority protection of Indian Muslim and Pakistani Hindus displays a clear bias. The global community will protect the Syrians and the Rohingyas; but they will watch with arms folded as Pakistani Hindus face ethnic cleansing the land of their forefathers.

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