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Pakistan Runs Out Of Lamination Paper

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In its latest fiasco, Pakistan runs out of lamination paper, forcing to country to cut short the issuance of passports 

In a hilarious incident, Pakistan has run out of lamination paper.

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The shortage of lamination paper has caused a massive crunch in the making of new passports in the economically wrecked country.

The most ironic fact is that these lamination paper is imported from France, the country against which Pakistan routinely issues threats calling, at one point of time, the expulsion of the French Ambassador and on the other hand calls for cutting off diplomatic ties.

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Qadir Yar Tiwana, the Director General for Media of the Ministry of Interior, the parent ministry of DGI&P, told the newspaper that the government was doing its best to navigate the crisis.

“The situation will soon be under control and passport issuance will continue as normal,” Tiwana said, according to The Express Tribune. He further added that the department had already witnessed a steady decline in the backlog.

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Interestingly, this is not the first time that such a crisis struck Pakistan. In 2013, the printing of Pakistani passports came to a halt due to the DGI&P owing money to printers and a lack of lamination papers.

What else can we expect from a broke country like Pakistan.

Only Pakistan Can Do This

Only Pakistan is capable of achieving this feat.

Pakistanis are so obsessed with Islam and its protection that they tend to forget the importance of resuscitating its ICU laden economy.

The shortage of lamination paper clearly shows the incompetence of the Pakistani government, this is broadly symptomatic of the Pakistani psyche that is obsessed with Bharat and stopping the latter’s progress in any form possible.

The Curious Pakistani Psyche

The Pakistani psyche is unique, unique by the nature of their obsession with Islam.

The Pakistani populace is least bothered about their economic wellbeing, what happens to their Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza is far more important to them.

The fact that Pakistan runs out of lamination paper is only a small demonstration in the country hitting rock bottom in every sector possible.

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