Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Khalistanis on A Rampage Against Bharat in Australia

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As in Canada, the Khalistanis are on a rampage against Bharat in Australia. Khalistani hatred against Indians is spreading around the globe like wildfire. Khalistani activities against Hindus have put Australia in the eye of a storm. Within a month, the attacks have become increasingly frequent.

Rampage Against Indians By The Khalistanis

With the help of locals, the Khalistanis have attacked Hindu temples in Australia many times. Yesterday, videos showed Khalistanis attacking Indian Australians with swords, who were carrying the tricolor. Australian Today reports that Indian Australians had notified the Victoria Police of their plans to protest at Federation Square in Melbourne against Khalistani activities.

A peaceful protest took place in response to the Khalistani terror outfit, ‘Sikhs For Justice’, call for announcing a referendum. The Indian government has already banned this terror organization. According to Sarah L Gates, Director of Hindu Human Rights Australasia, Khalistani atrocities against Indians are on the rise.

Khalistanis chased Hindu protestors with swords and trampled upon the Indian flag while hurling expletives at them.

The Australian Hindu Association Inc requested an investigation into the increasing number of Hinduphobic hate crimes committed by the Khalistanis in a letter to the Minister of Police.

The Hindu organization expressed their concerns about the rise in temple attacks in a letter to Anthony Carbines, Minister of Police of Victoria State. In addition, they requested a ban on the Khalistan referendum scheduled for 29th January 2023.

Furthermore, they stated that the Indian government had already banned SFJ under the UAPA since the year 2019.

Australia has been under siege by the Khalistanis. On the 23rd of Jan this year, the Hare Krishna Temple run by the ISKCON in Melbourne’s Albert Park was attacked. The temple walls were defaced and the miscreants hailed the Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale as a martyr.

Khalistanis vandalized the Shree Shiva Vishnu temple in Carrums Downs, Melbourne, on 17th January. Similarly, they defaced the temple walls and wrote slogans against Hindus and India.


Hate crimes against Hindus in Australia are on the rise, and the Australian government must take action. Whether in India or abroad, Hindus are under attack from all sides. The Hindus have always been the most empathetic and open-hearted when it comes to embracing everyone, but they are usually the ones who are on the receiving end. Sikhs and Hindus share a deep bond, and the Khalistanis are deliberately trying to undermine that bond in order to harass the government with their unreasonable and greedy demands. It’s time that the Government of India takes cognizance of the hate crimes on the rise against Hindus worldwide and engages proactively to stop them.






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