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Hinduphobia in Bihar: ‘Peaceful’ Arrested for Vandalization of Shiva Temple in Begusarai

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On 23rd September, Begusarai witnessed a vandalization of Shiva Temple. Recently, in a quick act of justice, the Begusarai police have apprehended a ‘peaceful’ named Javed as the main suspect in this case along with 12 others. This incident highlights the rise of Hinduphobia in Bihar and Hindu heartland. While the local community is outraged, we hope that demands for justice are duly met. Moreover, the arrest of the principal accused sheds light on the anti-Hindu agenda that is spreading like cancer across Bharat that is India.

Shiva Temple Desecration by ‘Peacefuls’

Begusarai Shivling vandalism: Javed among 13 arrested for temple desecration
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The incident(Hinduphobia in Bihar) that led to Javed’s arrest involved the desecration of a Shiva temple in Begusarai, Bihar. The miscreant targeted the temple, causing damage to the sacred place and the Shivling. This act of sacrilege deeply agitated the local Hindu community. The temple desecration triggered an outrage among the locals. Bihar’s Begusarai was rocked with protests against the vandalism as residents took to the streets, blocking roads, disrupting traffic, and even clashing with the police.

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Members of the local community had accused ‘peacefuls’ and their anit-Hindu agenda in the region for the incident. The local Hindus accused the ‘peaceful’ community of consuming alcohol, consuming non-vegetarian food in and near the religious site. Moreover, the Hindus of Begusarai accused them of disposing of remains of non-vegetarian food in the vicinity of the temple. The sheer disrespect of Hindus in the Hindu heartland should ring alarm bells in the hearts and minds of all Sleeping Sanatanis. Moreover, the locals claim to have confronted the accused and his community members on multiple occasions for their behavior without any action or repentance showcasing the staunch lack of fear in the minds of ‘peacefuls’.

Peaceful ‘Javed’ and the Ongoing Investigations

Begusarai Crime Mohammad Javed main accused who broke the Shivalinga was arrested by Begusarai special police team| Begusarai Crime: शिवलिंग तोड़ने वाला मुख्य आरोपी मोहम्मद जावेद गिरफ्तार, ऐसे चढ़ा ...
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In a crucial breakthrough in the case, Javed was arrested by the police as the primary suspect in the temple desecration case. Currently, ‘peaceful’ Javed is being interrogated by the authorities. The police are hoping to identify who instigated the man and his accomplices in this act. Based on video footage from CCTV cameras at the location, the authorities identified and arrested 12 other suspects in the incident.

While many individuals have been arrested, the police continue to conduct raids to apprehend those connected to the vandalism. 

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The police hope to unravel the circumstances that have caused the rise of Hinduphobia in Bihar and its districts. Moreover, they hope to stop any further escalation of the situation in the region. Furthermore, the police want to stop any other acts of vandalism planned by the accused or his group. They are trying to identify any potential collaborators or gangs that are responsible for hurting the sentiments of Hindus in Bihar. The current situation in the region has stabilized due to the quick arrests of the primary accused and his gang.

Key Takeaways

The incident showcases that the ‘peaceful’ community is anything but that. The arrest of ‘peaceful’ Javed highlights the rise of anti-Hindu activities as the truth of the Hindu heartland. Will the Liberals still shout ‘propaganda’ at this arrest? Where is the voice of Secularism in support of the Hindus of Begusarai? The religious identity of the primary suspect will keep the bought stooges quiet. The toolkit does not get paid to talk against the ‘peacefuls’ or the ‘harvesters of souls’. They are paid to only target Hindus and spread Hinduphobia in Bharat. Social justice and communal harmony are paid lip service by these Liberals and their toolkit gang.

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The vandalization of Shiva Temple at Begusarai serves as a reminder to Sanatana Dharma followers to ‘Beware and Be Wise.’ The reality of the ‘peaceful’ community is that they can never be at peace as long as Hindus exist in their vicinity. Therefore, may this incident bring this harsh truth to the foremost of all discussions in the minds of all Sanatanis.

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