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Haryana Nuh Violence: 2500 Hindus Stranded in Shiva Temple

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India’s continuously increasing ‘peaceful’ community is repeatedly on the news for violence. The latest victim of their ‘love’ and ‘harmony’ were the residents of Nuh, Haryana. The state of Haryana burnt in one-sided communal violence in the Muslim-dominant Nuh district. This region is called the ‘Mini Pakistan’ in Haryana due to the typical radical mindset of the local population.

Nuh Violence LIVE updates: Internet suspended in Sohna, Pataudi and Manesar | Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times

The riots broke out on the streets of Nuh town on 31st July 2023. A mob of miscreants and anti-social elements attacked the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra procession by the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) in the city. The attack turned into a riot on the streets that forced 2,500 Hindu men, women, and children to take refuge in a Shiv temple. Consequently, these Hindus were stranded in the temple for several hours until rescue teams arrived. Meanwhile, the violent mob resorted to burning cars, police, vehicles, shops, and almost anything in their sight. The uncalled-for and unjustifiable violence has scarred the Hindu residents of the region for a lifetime. 

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The Aftermath of the Nuh Violence

The police spared no effort to rescue and evacuate the Hindus stranded in the temple. 2 home guards and several others were injured in this unprovoked act of violence by the ‘peaceful’ community members. The death toll is continuously on the rise due to this act of communal violence in Haryana. Consequently, Section 144 has been imposed on the district. Mobile network and internet connectivity are restricted till 2nd August 2023. The Haryana Chief Minister has asked 20 companies of RAF to maintain peace in the region.

Haryana Nuh Violence LIVE Updates: Death toll rises to 5 as clashes spread to Gurugram, curfew imposed in Nuh | Mint
PC The Mint

The shockwaves of violence triggered the ‘peacefuls’ of the Sohna district near Gurugram. The Home Ministry has dispatched 15 companies to aid the Haryana government and Chief Minister to stop the rioters from inflaming the entire state in fires of communal violence. Here the rioters had also begun to set fire to personal and public property. The stone-pelting gangs of an anti-social mindset had blocked roads in Sohna for a few hours. Thus, the Nuh and Gurugram district has prohibited residents to assemble in large numbers to avoid the accumulation of miscreants.

Moreover, educational institutes have been shut down in Gurugram, Faridabad, and Palwal districts.

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The Misinformation Gang and Liberal Narrative

Although there are no justified causes or claims made in the name of the Nuh violence. The liberal’s narrative is that objectionable videos by Bajrang Dal in Ballabgarh had spurred the Muslim mob. Another narrative is that rumors of Monu Manesar, a cow vigilante, joining the procession angered the Muslim resident. Monu Manesar was arrested in February as an accused in the case of the charred bodies of two Muslim men in Bhiwani. However, the Vishva Hindu Parishad had asked Monu Maneswar to abstain from participation to avoid hurting the sentiments of the Muslim residents of the region. Therefore, there are a few questions to be asked in the case of this violence:

  1. Who dog-whistles this network of miscreants? Who activates these gangs of miscreants? Where do the instructions come from to guide their actions against local Hindus? 
  2. Who supplies the false narratives as a cover for the actions of these anti-India elements? Who allows misinformation to spread to rouse emotions in this ‘peaceful’ community?
  3. Who benefits from ensuring that the BJP government is running from pillar to post in order to put out wildfire riots all over the nation?
  4. Who is the real winner in a riot that tarnishes the image of India in the eyes of the world?

Primarily, the answer to these questions would probably be those that want Bharat to suffer under divisive politics. Or probably those that want to divide India into their fiefdoms. However, the answer would almost always lead to the ‘toolkit’ gang and their masters that divide the name of India with dots for personal gains.

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