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Dual Faces of Dia Mirza: Unwanted Diwali Gift-Giving Gyan 

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Dia Mirza is a well-known Duplicitous Spokesperson. As a celebrated actress and UN advocate for Sustainable Development Goals, she is repeatedly under the spotlight for making an unfounded and two-faced stance in public. Her pseudo-pro-environment stance is incongruent with her personal and public choices! As she champions green initiatives, her ownership of non-environment-friendly luxury cars, her non-vegetarian lifestyle, and apparent contradictions in her advocacy practices raise eyebrows across Bhatra!!

The Green Crusader with a Fleet of Luxury Vehicles

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Despite being a prominent advocate for sustainability, Dia Mirza’s garage boasts a Lexus LX 570, an Audi Q7, and a BMW X5—luxury vehicles known for their environmental impact.

exsecular on X: "Diya Mirza saves water on holi but doesnt pay her water bill on time, she does not accept gifts on Diwali to save environment but travels in petrol guzzling
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This contradiction leads to many question on the sincerity of her commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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The Green Halo at Odds with Non-Vegetarian Dietary Choices

Dia Mirza on Makara Sankranti , Birds and Biryani!! : r/IndiaSpeaks
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Mirza’s association with The Body Shop, an advocate for cruelty-free and environmentally conscious products, stands in stark contrast to her non-vegetarian lifestyle. She frequently promotes animal friendly brands and makes animal-loving videos. However, her brand of animal love stops at her personal dietary choices. This contradictory way of judging the world with one standard and yourself with another shades the authenticity of this celebrity.

There is a clear misalignment between Personal Choices and Publicly Preached Principles for Dia Mirza!

Latest Gift-Giving Gyan: Double Standards for Reserved Just for Diwali!

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Dia Mirza recently deleted a Diwali Gift-Giving Gyan video from X! In this video she is urging fans to refrain from exchanging gifts, citing environmental concerns about wasteful spending and increased carbon footprint!

Actress Dia Mirza HD Photos and Wallpapers December 2022 - Gethu Cinema
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Her duplicitous gyan has been met with staunch skepticism and severe backlash. 

Dia Mirza is usually very fond of exchanging gifts on birthdays and during Christmas. This latest spectacular Diwali Gyan Video is contradictory to her personal and public choice on non-Hindu festivals leaving most fans fuming!

Hence the urgent deletion of the video that leaves observers puzzled about the consistency of her messaging.

Dia Handrich to Dia Mirza: A Personal Journey

Dia Mirza wears burqa, photos surface online

Born Dia Handrich to German designer Frank Handrich and Bengali-Hindu interior designer Deepa, Dia’s life took a turn when her mother divorced her Christian father. Her mother married a Muslim man named Ahmed Mirza. Adopting her step-father’s surname, Madam Dia is a devout Muslim and is known to promote Islamic celebration. No words of censure for Id-Al-Adah despite her role as an animal lover! While her personal life is fascinating to most, her dual nature of animal love on a festival of mass genocide of one particular breed worldwide raises questions about authenticity.

Duplicitous Dia: Navigating the Green Maze

Dia Mirza’s journey as a green advocate is full of contradictions. She is the ultimate ‘Never Practice What You Preach’ celebrity! Is her commitment to environmental causes an act? One can never be sure. The inconsistencies between personal choices and public stances ensure that Dia Mirza loses the battle of public scrutiny. The now-deleted Diwali Gift-Giving Gyan Video proves her duplicitous eco-advocacy. Thus, Madam Dia again finds herself compelled to face incongruities in her actions while trying to maintain her facade of a Green Crusader!!!

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