Thursday, July 25, 2024

Europe Is Doomed

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Europe is doomed, Islam is a danger the Christians of Europe are not understanding & have adopted an Ostrich like attitude

That Europe is already doomed from the problem of mass influx of Muslims is in little doubt.

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But, the baffling issue is that of the naiveness and imbecility of ordinary Europeans, particularly Christians who fail to understand the missionary role of Islam.

Muslims from other parts of Middle East who come to Europe openly say that they are going to Islamize Europe and implement Sharia.

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What does Europe do, well they adopt an Ostrich like attitude.

They refuse to see the problem, in fact the existential threat they are in.

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In the light of that, watch the audacity of such Muslims.

‘We Will Implement Sharia’

In a shocking video, a German journalist of a reputed German news channel is interviewing some men protesting against Israel’s military action in Gaza.

Their reply-Islam will rule Europe, they will implement Sharia and non-Muslims will either have to convert to Islam or pay Jizya.

This is news that is coming from the very heart of the World’s sixth largest economy and a vibrant multicultural country.

The knuckleheads have clearly shown their true colours, why they came and are still coming to Europe and what is their actual intention in Europe.

The Ticking Time Bomb

The influx of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East is like a ticking time bomb. Just see what is happening in France every other day.

Muslims in France constitute the second largest population in Europe and one of the highest on Earth.

When their percentage crosses 30% they start creating trouble.

Now from France we have Germany, Sweden, Austria and other places in Europe.

But the Christians of Europe have made it a point to not do anything about that problem. They criticise Poland of being Islamophobic but don’t see the effectiveness of such strict measures that Poland has taken to not take any Muslim immigrants.

Today, Poland is experiencing peace.

If this continues, then Europe is doomed.

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