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Denying Democratic Principles: The Pitfall of “My Tax, My Right”

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The recent statements and actions by southern state MPs have raised concerns about the adherence to democratic principles they claim to uphold. Following Budget 2024, MP Suresh, the brother of Karnataka’s CM, sparked controversy by advocating for a separate nation for the southern states. While this was widely condemned, members of the INDI alliance defended the statement, alleging bias by the BJP government.

Subsequently, MPs from southern states launched an agitation under the banner of “My Tax, My Right,” demanding a larger share of the central budget allocation. Their argument hinges on the substantial tax revenues contributed by these states. However, this overlooks crucial democratic principles and equitable governance. Let’s discuss the pitfalls of this movement!

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Challenging the Essence of Democratic Principles and Values

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At its core, democracy promotes equality and justice for all citizens, regardless of their economic status or geographic location. By insisting on a larger share of the budget solely based on tax contributions, these southern MPs and spokespersons risk undermining the foundational principles of democracy. Such demands, if met, could lead to chaos and inequity in resource distribution. This would be contrary to the ideals of democracy and secularism that parties in the INDI alliance claim to champion.

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Democratic values prioritize the welfare and development of all citizens. This is more true in the case of marginalized and underprivileged sections of society. If every region or interest group were to make similar demands, it would disrupt the governance structure and erode the principles of fairness and inclusivity.

Imagine Bangalore demanding the lion’s share from Karnataka’s state budget? Would it be fair to Karnataka farmers or laborers?

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Promoting Unity for a Stronger, Democratic Bharat

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The movement “My Tax, My Right” not only exacerbates the North-South divide but also threatens the spirit of cooperative federalism. By pitting states against each other for resources, it fosters entitlement and discord. Thereby undermining the essence of democracy and social justice. What would happen, if like the southern states, the middle class and the upper class demand that their tax not be spent on social upliftment programmes? Would this lead to a more inclusive Bharat? Would this lead to the progress of the nation or the demise of the society?

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Policymakers and southern MPs must recognize the contributions of all regions into making Bharat a stronger nation. Moreover, they should avoid succumbing to the divisive tactics of “My Tax, My Right.” Instead, they should prioritize unity and equitable development for all citizens, irrespective of their economic standing or geographic location. Would they be okay if cities ask that their revenue not be spent on ‘freebies’ for farmers or ‘peacefuls’? Is this the concept of secularism that the INDI alliance loves?

Ensuring Bharat’s Unity and Progress

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Southern states like Karnataka and Telangana are running bankrupt under the burden of ‘CON party ki guarantee’! Thus, they are making a big showdown after the Budget to divert the voters’ attention from their mismanagement. Asking for a bigger share in the budget due to a larger contribution is a very simplest view of the economy. Will they be able to survive the storm their demands have created?! Will they be answerable to honest tax-payers as to why their money went to freebies rather than development?!

Ultimately, southern MPs must know that Bharat is not merely a collection of states or territories. It is a unified nation bound by common aspirations and shared progress. Southern MPs must not let narrow aspirations and grievances overshadow the greater good of the nation. By promoting unity and common purpose, they can truly serve the interests of all citizens and uphold the principles of democracy that form the bedrock of Bharat’s identity. Stop the folly called ‘MyTax, My Right’ before the honest man asks you for the same! Jai Hind!

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