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Haldwani Riots: Uttarakhand Burns In ‘Peaceful’ Violence

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On Thursday, February 8, Uttarakhand’s Haldwani Riots rocked the nation with its mass scale ‘peaceful’ protest and violence! The Banbhulpura area’s ‘peacefuls’ marked the destruction of an illegal structure with stone pelting and arson. Police forces and municipal corporation workers were attacked by this ‘peaceful’ crowd. Even media personnel and journalists faced their ‘peaceful’ wrath. All went forced to hide in a police station surrounded by a zealot mob hell-bent on savagery! Let’s uncover the real reasons behind the Haldwani Riots!

‘Peaceful’ Mob Fury Causes Haldwani Riots 

Riots after madrasa razed: Shoot-at-sight order, internet shut in Uttarakhand town - India Today
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In 2023, the Uttarakhand government identified more than 1400 illegal structures in the state. One of them was an illegal madrasa with an underground structure in the Banbhulpura area. The unauthorized structure stood on government land. A legal battle for rights ensued between the government and the madrasa authorities. Despite prior notices, the madrasa management failed to provide documentation supporting the legality of the structure. Thus, the madrasa’s representative lost the case. The court declared the verdict in favor of the Uttarakhand government. Additionally, the madrasa’s ‘kabza’ on land was deemed as an illegal encroachment of government property! 

Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay and SDM Paritosh Verma led municipal workers to demolish the illegal structure after the verdict was pronounced. This was not a quasi-justice stance, it was a court approved legal move by the authorities. However, a large violent mob soon turned Haldwani into a mini hell where logic and legalization did not matter.

Here are the events that happened after the mob went Full-Metal-‘Peaceful’:

  • Angered by the demolition efforts, a tyrant mob threw stones at the municipal worker. Many were injured by these stone-pelting-peacefuls.

  • Soon, the police were called to protect the workers. However, hijab-wearing women mobs attacked the police with stones. Some even engaged in name-calling, harassment, and fisticuffs with the police authorities.

  • Journalists swarmed to catch the latest ‘peaceful’ violence. However, the mob spared no one. The police, the media, and the municipal workers were trapped by the mob at the police station.
  • The situation soon escalated as the ‘peaceful’ mob surrounding the Banbhulpura police station set fire to vehicles. They used fuel-filled bottlers to burn Haldwani.

  • The fire raged out of control and damaged a transformer. This plunged the area into darkness. However, the mob kept up their rampage across the streets.
  • Finally, the police were forced to use tear gas to dispel this tyrant mob. Additional forces were called in from nearby regions, and the Banbhulpura area had a curfew enforced on it.
  • The Uttarakhand CM has authorized a shoot-on-sight order to maintain land order in the region.

The clash resulted in injuries to several individuals, including policemen, municipal workers, and an SDM.

Real Cause of Haldwani Riots: Illegal Structures, UCC, and Incendiary Speeches 

U'khand: Haldwani encroachers protest against court's eviction order, offer namaz on streets
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The incident is already projected by Liberals as a reaction to hurt ‘peaceful’ sentiments! However, the reality differs a little. There are three primary reasons why Uttarakhand is burning today. Firstly, the Uttarakhand government’s crackdown on illegal structures. Unfortunately, most encroachments are done by a specific ‘peaceful’ community. Thus, they feel deeply threatened by this anti-encroachment initiative.

UCC bill tabled in Uttarakhand sparks fresh debate: 'Why exempted tribals?' | Latest News India - Hindustan Times
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Secondly, the Uttarakhand government passed the UCC Bill on 7th February 2024. Many zealots are brainwashing uninformed ‘peacefuls’ that UCC will take away their right to religion or harm their interests in general. The state saw small protests erupt in many ‘peaceful’ dominant areas. Therefore, the peaceful community was already in a state of agitated emotions and ready weapons.

Bareilly: हिंदुओ के खिलाफ जहर उगलने वाले Salman Azhari के समर्थन में आए मौलाना Tauqeer Raza Khan - YouTube
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Finally, ever since the Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha ceremony, the ‘peaceful’ preachers have a daily mission on social media. Zealot Maulanas, Muftis, and Maulvis are flooding the social media forums with hate speech against authorities and communal harmony. Some even go so far as to provoke ‘peacefuls’ into taking their law into their hands whenever they feel ‘unsafe’.

Thus, the incidents on 8th February in Haldwani were not an emotional response to the destruction of an illegal madrasa. The demography of the region was deliberately altered to encourage a ‘peaceful’ zone! Thereafter, the riots seem like the response of a community carefully nurtured by zealots to use stone pelting, arson, and victim-card to defy Bharat’s law. Moreover, it seems like the ‘peaceful’ mob may have been motivated by hardline clerics to flex their ‘peaceful’ muscles in the face of Bharat’s authorities. Specifically, in the face of the upcoming general elections 2024, Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha, and Gyanvapi ASI report; the ‘peacefuls’ are using fear to defy the rising Hindu unity! 

Towards Accountability and Order

haldwani madrasa bulldozers action stonepelting at police arson inside story of violence - मदरसा, बुलडोजर और छतों पर पत्थर; हल्द्वानी में भड़की हिंसा की इनसाइड स्टोरी , उत्तराखंड ...
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The Haldwani Riots underscore broader issues of hatred bred in the hearts of Indian Muslims by zealots and hardliners. It also marks the desperate need of attention on changing demographics of Bharat’s villages and cities. There is a reason why the peacefuls hate the NRC in Bharat! There is a reason why most Muslims are kept ignorant by madrasa education!

Zealot leaders and preachers teach ‘peacefuls’ to be violent in response to any government activity that does not work in the favor of ‘peaceful’ community. Despite clear authority to demolish illegal encroachments and unauthorized constructions in Uttarakhand, the police and municipal authorities were attacked by ‘peacefuls’. Unfortunately, the minority victim card is ever present in the hands of tyrants ‘peacefuls’ renders the government helpless to act within the law. 

As the situation in Uttarakhand remains tense, all stakeholders must prioritize accountability and adherence to the law. Hopefully, Bharat’s Muslims will be able to see the reality of the riots through the endless number of videos online. This was not police brutality, it was unprovoked ‘peaceful’ mob violence! This was not quasi- justice of the Hindu government, it was demolishment justified by the court of law! In the case of the Haldwani riots, do not let anyone blindfold Bharat to the reality of illegal ‘peaceful’ activities. As the government endeavors to ensure order and safety for all citizens, let’s hope justice and truth prevail.

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