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Growing Muslim Population In Uttarakhand Sparks Tensions: Hindu Community Faces Harassment and Attacks

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In the serene region of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand tensions are on the rise due to a series of troubling incidents involving the harassment of Hindus by Muslim individuals. As the Muslim population steadily increases, it has sparked concerns and led to protests from the Hindu community. The latest incident involving the molestation of a Hindu girl by two Muslim youths has fueled outrage.

Harassment Incident And Hindu Protests

On a fateful Saturday, July 1, in the town of Herbertpur, located in Uttarakhand’s Vikasnagar, a young Hindu girl tragically fell victim to a despicable act of molestation perpetrated by two individuals belonging to the Muslim community.

The incident left the girl traumatized, but she displayed incredible bravery by managing to escape their clutches and courageously confiding in her parents about the ordeal.

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Filled with outrage and a strong sense of injustice, the victim’s family, along with their relatives and members of various Hindu organizations, came together in a powerful demonstration, demanding justice for the young girl. Their unified voice sought not only accountability for the perpetrators but also aimed to raise awareness about the need for a safer and more secure environment for all members of the community.

Muslim Mob Gathering And Slogans

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In a disturbing turn of events, an Islamist mob gathered near a mosque situated in Dakrani village, Vikasnagar, in response to the Hindu protests. The mob, raising slogans such as ‘Nara-e-Takbeer’ and ‘Allah hu Akbar’. They sought to assert its strength and intimidate the Hindu community. The incident, captured in a video shared by Punjab Kesari, depicted the prolonged sloganeering of the Islamic mob. It created an atmosphere of tension and apprehension.

Police Intervention And Assurances

As the night progressed, local authorities grew increasingly concerned about the potential for a deteriorating law and order situation due to ongoing sloganeering. To prevent further escalation, law enforcement swiftly dispatched teams from Vikasnagar Kotwali to the scene. The police actively worked to disperse the Muslim mob. They provided reassurance to the Hindu community that their grievances would be addressed.

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The incidents of harassment and subsequent protests in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand draw attention to concerns regarding the growing presence of Muslims in Uttarakhand. It is apparent that they are occupying a significant number of places in Devbhoomi. It is vital for the authorities to take strict actions to address this issue. Prohibiting non-Hindus from entering Hindu religious sites should be considered. These Muslims frequently enter our sacred Ganges and temples, causing disturbances with their families. It is imperative for the government to acknowledge and address this reality.

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