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Shielding the Rioters of Haldwani Begins!

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In the picturesque town of Haldwani, nestled in the tranquil hills of Uttarakhand, a recent episode has jolted its serene landscape, leaving behind a trail of chaos, questions, and a brewing storm of controversy. What began as a routine enforcement of the law swiftly descended into a harrowing spectacle of violence, pitting a determined mob against the very fabric of order and civility.

Mob Attack!

Municipal Corporation officials embarked on a mission to dismantle an illegally constructed Madrasa.

What they encountered was not mere resistance but a ferocious onslaught orchestrated by a frenzied Muslim mob.

Stones hurled like hail, flames licking the sky and the crackle of gunfire punctuating the air. The scenes were a reminiscent of a battlefield rather than a peaceful town.

Amidst this bedlam, over 300 valiant officers found themselves engulfed in a whirlwind of violence. They were fighting not only to uphold the law but to safeguard their very lives!

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Shielding The Rioters!

In the aftermath of this turmoil, when the dust settled and the wounds were counted, emerged the disconcerting figure of Sumit Hridayesh, the Congress MLA of Haldwani. Hridayesh dared to tread a perilous path of ambiguity. While condemning the violence, his words bore the faint echo of justification. Hridayesh’s murky rhetoric stands as a testament to the moral quagmire that engulfs our political discourse.

The High Court’s directives had decreed the demolition of the contentious structure. The authorities were merely executing a lawful mandate.

Ravish and His Rubbish

Ravish Kumar, the former NDTV journalist turned YouTuber, sparked a firestorm of controversy with his disgusting take on the situation. While the city grappled with the aftermath of riots orchestrated by radical Islamists, Kumar’s response was nothing short of dangerous.

Instead of condemning the violence outright, Kumar embarked on a verbal odyssey! He weaved a narrative that seemed to exonerate the rioters while pointing fingers at everyone else.

From blaming the State government for cracking down on illegal encroachments to accusing the judiciary of collusion, his commentary was a masterclass in deflection. But what really raised eyebrows was Kumar’s suggestion to the opposition: politicise, politicise, politicise!

Yes, you heard it right. Kumar urged opposition leaders to turn the Haldwani incident into a political battleground. Forget about addressing the root causes of communal tension. It is all about scoring points in the game of electoral politics.

And let’s not forget Kumar’s penchant for media bashing. According to him, the mainstream media, or as he likes to call it, the ‘Godi media’, is complicit in perpetuating communalism. With allegations flying left and right, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction in Kumar’s universe. But one thing’s for sure: he’s not pulling any punches.

Victim Card

It’s a narrative as old as time itself: the oppressor becomes the oppressed, the aggressor becomes the victim.

And in the case of Haldwani, this narrative was shamelessly peddled by certain media outlets and online jihadists, who sought to absolve the perpetrators of any accountability for their actions.

Take, for instance, the twisted logic of one Islamist who brazenly claimed that enforcing the law was itself a provocation against Muslims. According to this warped worldview, any attempt to hold extremists accountable for their actions is not only an affront but a justification for further violence. It’s a dangerous game of cat and mouse. The rule of law becomes nothing more than a pawn in the hands of those who seek to undermine it.

But perhaps most troubling of all is the cynical exploitation of women and children as human shield. It is tactic as cowardly as it is despicable.

By hiding behind their women, Islamist extremists seek to deflect blame and manipulate public perception, casting themselves as the victims of oppression rather than the perpetrators of violence.

And yet, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, certain media outlets and online jihadists continue to peddle falsehoods and half-truths, perpetuating the myth of systemic oppression and emboldening extremists to commit further acts of violence with impunity.

But amidst the cacophony of lies and deceit, the truth remains unassailable. The violence in Haldwani was not a spontaneous outburst of righteous indignation—it was a calculated assault on the rule of law and the principles of a civilized society. Attempts to justify or rationalize such abhorrent behavior only serve to embolden extremists and undermine efforts to maintain peace and security.

But amidst the drama and hyperbole, it’s important to remember the real victims here: the people of Haldwani.

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