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BJ A-Nyay Yatra’s Latest: Rahul Gandhi Hurts OBC Sentiments Again?!

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Rahul Gandhi seems to be in legal trouble all the time! However, this is not due to political vendetta, it is a clear case of ‘Foot-In-The-Mouth’ disease. In his latest episode, Rahul Gandhi hurts OBC sentiments while his 2-year jail term is in abeyance for hurting OBC sentiments. CON party Yuvraj’s legal misadventures are never-ending!

In 2019, RaGa was implicated in a criminal defamation case over his insensitive remarks on ‘Modi’ surname during his Lok Sabha election campaign. In 2023, Gujarat’s Surat sentenced this not-so-yuva leader to the maximum punishment of 2-years as a repeat offender who suffers from verbal diarrhea! He had to beg help from the Supreme Court. Currently, his 2-year jail term is held in abeyance! However, if he learns his lessons well, he wouldn’t be the Yuvraj of the CONgress party! Let’s review the Saga of RaGa’s legal track record!

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Legal Troubles of Rahul Gandhi 

National Herald Case: Sonia, Rahul Get Bail, Next Hearing 20 Feb
PC The Quint

The 2019 conviction was just the tip of the iceberg for this never-grow-old Congress Yuva Neta. Rahul Gandhi has an uncanny knack for finding himself in legal hot waters. Usually, it is due to his penchant for making politically and/or factually incorrect statements.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to explore Gandhi’s litany of legal woes:
  • Patna, July 6, 2019: RaGa was granted bail by a Patna court in a defamation case filed by a BJP leader for his sweeping comments alleging that “All Modis are thieves.” He is yet to apologise, repent, or be jailed for this!
  • Ahmedabad, July 12, 2019: Another bail followed, this time from an Ahmedabad court, after Gandhi’s defamation remarks against the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank. He had accused them of involvement in a demonetization scam.
  • Mumbai, July 4, 2019: Yet another defamation case, this time filed by an RSS worker who was upset over RaGa’s remarks in another public speech. Consequently, Rahul Gandhi had to secure another bail in Mumbai. His comments linking activist Gauri Lankesh’s killing to the “BJP-RSS ideology” landed him in legal trouble once again.
  • Bhiwandi, November 2016: Rahul Gandhi found himself in the crosshairs of the law after alleging that the RSS had a hand in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. He was granted bail by a Bhiwandi court. Even the Supreme Court admonished him for his remarks, ordering him to face trial.
  • Guwahati, September 2016: Bail came knocking once more as Gandhi faced a defamation case filed by the RSS. He falsely claimed that he was prevented from entering the Barpeta Satra in Assam. This verbal folly cost him a bail bond of Rs 50,000.

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Rahul Gandhi: A Habitual Verbal Offender?

Fast forward to the present, where Gandhi’s legal troubles seem to be ready to mount on his head again. Despite his conviction in the Surat defamation case, Gandhi wasted no time in using fake data in his speech. During his speech in Jharkhand, as part of his BJ A-Nyay Yatra, Gandhi and his team got their facts wrong again.

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RaGa went after PM Modi and his OBC status. He told his audience that PM Modi tries to incite voter sympathy by saying he is part of the underprivileged community. Thereafter, RaGa made allegations that PM Modi granted his community the OBC status after BJP came to power in 2000. Sadly, he added fuel to the fire.

He said that for the first 50 years of PM Modi’s life he was not an OBC, He was just a General Category indian!

RaGa carelessly and falsely implied that PM Modi made his own life convenient as soon as he came to power!

PC X @amitmalviya

Rahul Gandhi’s unsubstantiated claims have the netizens in splits and the BJP in an outrage. Soon many notable accounts proved his claims about the OBC status of the Modi community as false. Furthermore, his speech filled with faulty data and unpolitical views may land him in court again. Modi Community was included in OBC during CONgress rule in 1999, two years before BJP came to power in Gujarat. There is no doubt that the Modi community will come for Rahul Gandhi again for running his motor mouth to hurt OBC sentiments yet again!

RaGa’s failed attempts to defame the BJP and PM cement his reputation as a politician prone to making baseless comments. While we wait for more legal drama to unfold, one thing will be abundantly clear in any sane voter’s mind: Rahul Gandhi has a penchant for verbal blunders. He stays in a perpetual state of legal limbo. Most see him as the jester in a parliament full of lawmakers! Let’s wait for more fun moments and foot-in-the-mouth moments from Rahul Gandhi, the CON party Yuvraj on BJ A-Nyay Yatra!

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