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CM Patnaik Launches “Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha” Scheme

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CM Naveen Patnaik’s Odisha Cabinet approved nine programs for rural development and promoting the Jagannath cultural heritage of the state. Six state government departments will implement these programs. As per Pratap Keshari Dev Ji, the State Minister for Industries, MSME & Energy Department, these programs are part of the “Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha” scheme.

Ama Odisha Nabin Odisha Scheme | Each Gram Panchayat will Get 50 lakh entitlement
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What is the role of Gram Panchayat in the New Scheme?

This scheme gets a total of ₹4000 crores from the state budget by CM Patnaik. It entitles the Gram Panchayats with a total entitlement of ₹50 lakhs to improve the following infrastructures and facilities:

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  1. Increase infrastructure for primary education.
  2. Ensuring links among the existing infrastructure, construction, and modernization or expansion works
  3. Developing additional facilities at Gram Panchayat levels for Mission Shakti Groups 
  4. Bridge the critical gaps at Gram Panchayat level of rural development projects.
  5. Construct sports infrastructure and make it available to the youth of Odisha.
  6. Provide Banking facilities and infrastructure in rural areas.
  7. Increase access to digital facilities like mobile connectivity, optical fiber connections, and WiFi & internet connectivity.

The scheme limits the above-stated projects’ costs between ₹2.5 – 10 lakhs. Local representatives’ project recommendations will be favorably considered under this scheme at panchayat level. Thereafter, the PR & DW Department will examine and approve the consolidated block list of panchayat recommendations.

The Panchayat Samiti will be responsible for the execution of the work in each department. The MIS system will monitor the project schedule. It includes a dedicated app to share the before-after photographs of each project. Each picture will need to be GIS tagged to be considered authentic. These measures are to improve public transparency for all projects under the scheme.  

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How will the programs benefit the SC/ST of Odisha?

CM Patnaik’s cabinet has sent a proposal to the Central Government to include the Kui language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India. This step is a measure to include the Kandh tribe’s traditions in the mainstream culture of Odisha. If approved, the proposal shall make the preservation and propagation of the Kui language and culture via a linguistic ecosystem.

The government plans to promote the Kandh tribe culture by providing adequate recognition for their rituals and language. However, this inclusion shall have no financial implications.

The state government shall award a one-time award of ₹50,000 to all SC/ST students for higher education. The state government claims that this step provides the required financial assistance to deserving students. Moreover, this step will reduce the socio-economic disparity in the state’s society. However, this will not be part of the “Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha” scheme. 

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Development Programs Incorporated Under this Scheme

The Odisha government shall undertake major projects under public works, energy, revenue, disaster management, and development departments.

  1. Construction of a high-level bridge over River Kharasrota on Nua Bazar- Balitara Ghat Road within 30 months. The bridge will link the Aul Block and the Rajkanika Block of Kendrapara districts. Moreover, it shall enhance the neighboring regions’ economic growth.
  2. Under Phases 1-3 of the ODSSP, the government approved ₹ 3843 crores to ensure a stable power supply to all citizens. Since the majority of the work is nearly complete, system repair and upgradation of the current structure got the lion’s share of this budget. Additionally, ODSSP Phase 4 got ₹1797 crores approved to expand 99 substations and independent lines. Moreover, ₹1284 crores were approved for projects under Phase 5 of ODSSP, which is to be carried out by DISCOMs.
  3. Ac. 8.3 dec. state government land’s lease, in Balangir district, was approved to build the infrastructure for the Rajendra University, Balangir. The university shall not pay construction costs or lease. Moreover, it shall only pay a token ₹1 per annum as ground rent and cess.
  4. Ac. 5 dec. state government land’s lease, in Koraput district, was granted to build Lamtaput Degree College. The college shall not pay any charges for construction or lease. However, it will pay an annual ground rent at 0.25% of the market value of the land and cess. Moreover, it will pay annual ground rent at 75% of the lease value.
  5. Mayurbhanj District farmers received a respite in the form of the waiver of ₹4,37,120 (non-recurring) and ₹36,103 (recurring) under the Kharif Compulsory Basic Water Rate. It was approved as the KALO Irrigation Project canal water was unable to supply water to farmers of the Udala Tahasil in the district.
  6. Group-D promotion quota jumped from 5% to 20%. This increment paves the way for skilled Group-D employees to enter Group-C posts of Junior Executive Assistants.


New Odisha scheme launched to mislead people ahead of polls, claims opposition | India News
PC Republic World

The Congress and BJP have accused the Patnaik government of relaunching its “Ama Gaon, Ama Bikash” initiative under the new “Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha” scheme. The opposition accuses the state government of launching this scheme to sway votes in the 2024 general and state elections. Thus, the opposition parties attach the ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’ label to the projects under this scheme.

CM Patnaik’s government claims that this scheme is their attempt to transform Odisha into a modern state. They further state that development and retaining the essence of the Jagannath cultural heritage will go hand-in-hand in Odisha. Currently, the scheme shall act as a bridge between existing projects of infrastructure development and the new proposals that shall be considered at various panchayats in the state. The state government aims to improve education, digital facilities, and sports infrastructure through this scheme.

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