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Attacks On Religious Processions During Nagpanchami Celebrations In Bihar

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The celebration of Nagpanchami, an important Hindu festival, took an unfortunate turn this year in Bihar, with various locations reporting multiple incidents of attacks on religious processions. The occasion, which typically unites communities in celebration, suffered from stone pelting, vandalism, and clashes in several areas, including Bagaha, Motihari-Mehsi, and more.

stone pelting on mahaviri julus in motihari bihar
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Bagaha: Religious Procession Faces Stone Pelting

In Bagaha’s Ratanmala district, the Mahaviri Akhada organized a religious procession for Nagpanchami with police approval and security presence. However, the procession encountered chaos as mobs of peacefuls standing on rooftops hurled stones, turning what should have been a peaceful event into a turmoil. Disturbing videos showed police personnel and attendees scrambling to evade the barrage of stones.

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Police Fail To Prevent Attacks

Even though law enforcement personnel were present, the intensity of the stone pelting forced the police to scatter for their safety.

Alongside the stone pelting, reports emerged of acts of vandalism and arson, leaving the participants of the procession and police personnel in a precarious situation.

Champaran Joins The Unfortunate List

Reports also indicated attacks on Hindu processions in Champaran, further contributing to the distressing trend. The incidents served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining harmony during religious festivities.

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Unrest In Motihari: Clashes And Consequences

The Motihari district also experienced disruptions, with clashes reported in Mehsi, Kalyanpur, and Darpa. Stone pelters targeted Hindu processions, prompting police intervention. Unfortunately, when law enforcement attempted to regain control through a lathi charge, they also became targets of the aggression, resulting in injuries to several policemen.

Incidents In Darpa: Stones And Strife

In the Darpa locality, the situation escalated as a procession in Pipra faced an attack from individuals in Pachiyari Tola. The clash led to opposing groups hurling bricks and stones at each other, causing injuries and unrest. In a disheartening development, reports indicated that the SHO of Darpa, Dharmendra Yadav, sustained injuries during the incident.

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Law Enforcement Responds: Efforts To Restore Normalcy

The Motihari police swiftly took action, announcing on their microblogging site that they were registering an FIR and conducting raids based on video evidence and local sources. The incident involved stone pelting during the Mahaviri flag procession in Pipra village. Magistrates and additional armed forces were deployed to ensure control, gradually returning the situation to normal.

In their efforts to restore calm, the Motihari police convened a peace committee meeting, inviting members from both sides to participate.

The incidents of attacks on religious processions during Nagpanchami in Bihar have emphasized the need for stringent laws against attacks on Hindus time and again!

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