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Attack On Hindus In Odisha; Islamic Stone-Pelting Gang Active

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A bike rally organized on the occasion of Maha Vishnu Sankranti turned violent in Sambalpur, Odisha, leaving 10 people injured. Workers belonging to the BJP, VHP, and Bajrang Dal were attacked with stones during the event.

Yes, after West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand Odisha is also under the spell of the stone-pelting gang. The Islamic mobs attacked a rally of Hindus.

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Violence In Sambalpur

The incident took place on 14th April when Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal were taking out a rally. This rally was from Govindtola Petrol bank to Durga Mandir Golbazar and included 600 people on bikes.

(p.c. – Hindu Post Twitter )

The rally covered the places like Motijharan, Bhutpada, Raza nagar, Sumapalli, Kumbharpada and Daleipada. These are Muslim dominated areas, from where the stone –pelting began. Hence, it led to the clash in which people got injured.

(p.c. – Hindu Post Twitter )

The incident is an example of how even entering the small areas of Muslim domination is so inaccessible.

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Attack On Police

The violence led to even attack the police. As the police reached the spot the stone-pelting islamic mob even attacked the police. In this clash 7-8 policemen were also injured including the additional SP. This information was given by additional SP Tapan Mohanty. He was also injured in this stone pelting.

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This situation shows what kind of Islamic sharia is being imposed by the Muslim community in India. That even the administration and police have no self-defence. This shows the complete breakage of trust on system and even the dominance of Islamic miscreants over the government authority.

While we have seen how the fact finding team in West Bengal was deliberately stopped to meet the victims. Even though, they were saying the situation is in control. The extent of separatist and anti-Hindu wave going on in India is unimaginable for a common man.


The going on trend of attacks on Hindu festivals and celebrations without any fear of law is distasteful. Moreover, highly cryptic about how the Islamic mobs are so confident that they won’t get harmed in this. The violence and attack in Odisha’s Sambalpur is an indication that no place is safe from such attacks.

Along with the government authorities and administration Hindus need to be aware and alert to safeguard themselves.









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