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Arundhati Roy: Soros ‘Toolkit’ Handmaiden Faces Sedition Charges

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On 10th October 2023, the ‘Soros’ toolkit author Arundhati Roy finally faced the consequences of her anti-India speech on Kashmir. This Soros handmaiden is currently under arrest and is facing charges of sedition and inciting communal disharmony. Sushil Pandit filed a complaint against this controversial figure based on a video of her speech on Kashmir in 2010. To gain popularity in the ‘toolkit’ circles, the lady made provocative and potentially inflammatory statements. 

13 years after the complaint was made, Delhi’s Lt. Governor has approved action against this writer. Will justice be served? Will those writers like her, who spout nonsense, finally face the consequence of their malintent? Why did it take 13 years for the wheels of justice to start turning? Let’s explore!!   

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What was the 2010 Controversial Speech by Arundhati Roy?

In her 2010 speech, Roy openly criticized the Indian government’s approach to the Kashmir conflict. At a conference, she vocally called for an end to the violence that had plagued the region for years. However, what truly set off alarms were her statements asserting that Kashmir was not an integral part of India. Moreover, she cunningly hid statements about autonomy for Kashmiri in the speech under the guise of Kashmiris right to choose.

Roy stated that Kashmir needed freedom from India as much as India needed freedom from Kashmir.

This particular statement has hurt the sentiments of the Kashmiri Pandits who were forced to leave their homes to save their lives. To them, Arundhati Roy’s words in that speech were nothing less than a call for violence. Additionally, it was promoting hatred against India in the hearts of separatists.

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Thus, the police of Tilak Marg, Delhi filed sedition charges against her on Pandit’s complaint. Should such rhetoric go unchecked? Does free speech allow someone to incite unrest and conflict?

Arundhati Roy’s Defense

Indian author Arundhati Roy may face prosecution for 2010 speech on Kashmir | Conflict News | Al Jazeera
PC Al Jazeera

Arundhati Roy vehemently denies these charges. She claims that her statements should be safe under her fundamental right to free speech. Moreover, she maintains that her intentions were not to incite violence but to draw attention to Kashmir. She is unapologetic in her words or views on the matter.

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This Soros handmaiden has gained international fame for her anti-India speeches. Moreover, she repeatedly flouts discretion to harm the prestige of her homeland.

For spreading hate and inciting violence, the Soros toolkit machinery has awarded her many accolades and awards.

The Ongoing Case

Provocative speeches: Delhi LG approves prosecution of Arundhati Roy, Kashmir prof - YouTube

After 13 years, the Indian government has been allowed to act against Roy and her speech. The case against Arundhati Roy has Leftists and Liberals shouting about the lack of freedom for the press in India. While the legal proceedings unfold, the delay in the proceeding may harm the case. Thus, unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether these charges will hold in the court of law or not.

Will the delay in justice forgive an infringement on the right to free speech to spread unrest? The Milords of India may not have the same view as the common people. The case highlights the lengths of degradation free speech can be used to create dissent in a democracy like India. The legal machinery may have its own verdict in time, however, the common man on the street knows that Arundhati Roy is guilty of hate speech in the form of free speech.

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