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Vellayani Temple Under Communist Attack

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Attack on Temples and the values of Hindus is incessantly increasing day by day. While the Secular ideals of Indian government do not have any ability to stop this. This time Communist driven governments engaged in ruining the great Kaliyoottu Mahotsavam.

The shrine for Bhagavathi Bhadrakali is near Vellayani Lake. It is known for the two-month-long Kaliyoottu Mahotsavam festival, which takes place every three years (about 56 to 65 days). It is one of the Temple festivals in Bharat that goes on the longest. This year, the police asked volunteers to take away anything saffron-colour while the decorations were being put up.

What is the Issue?

The Kaliyoottu Mahotsavam procession only happens every three years, even though there are celebrations every year. One of these years is 2023, and the show starts today, Friday. Hindus from all over the state are expected to join in the celebrations. The Nemom police station is in charge of the Vellayani Devi Temple, which is on the edge of the city of Thiruvananthapuram.

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Last night, Nemom police demanded that no saffron colour be used in the temple. Since 2017, saffron flags are not allowed.

Locals said that at the time, communist Hindus sent jihadis to take down the saffron flags. Since then, people haven’t put up saffron flags at temple celebrations because they don’t want trouble.

At first, people who worship Vellayani Devi thought it might be related to the ban on plastic bags. Even if they hadn’t, they had already made plans for cloth decorations.

After hearing this unusual proposal, police officers and temple officials met to consider it. The police were keen about taking down the decorations, despite the temple leaders’ insistence that they could do nothing without the consent of the devotees. Millions of rupees have been contributed by local Hindus to help fund the celebrations. They claimed the Kerala government was responsible for the malicious action. Attacks on Hindus are becoming widespread, and communists are well aware of the significance of the colour saffron to Hindus.

Communists tried to remove the Murti

As early as 2021, communists attempted to transport the Vellayani Devi Murthi from the temple in the trunk of a vehicle. Thankfully, the Tantri of the temple stepped in to prevent the CPM workers, who were also members of the ruling body, from carrying out their plan. Angry CPM employees then seized the Tantri and pushed and tossed him around. They said they were bringing the centuries-old Murthi out for “repairs,” and that they received orders to do so from Devaswom authorities.

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The Vellayani Temple is a living tradition, and Hindus are deliberately stopped from practicing and performing their pooja. Where do Hindus go from here? There has to be at least the Free Temple Movement and a robust legal and public mobilization against these communists.




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