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UP’s CM Yogi Bans Halal Certification

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In a recent development, CM Yogi’s administration issued a ban on the distribution and sale of Halal-certified products. This ban extends to various items, including dairy, garments, medicines, bakery products, sugar, and edible oil.

The most populous state in Bharat released a notification for the same on Saturday. These notifications declared that products labeled as ‘Halal-certified‘ by manufacturers would face restrictions. The move is justified by authorities as an effort to address an illegal practice forced upon innocent consumers.

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The Truth Behind the Halal Certification

Massive Action by Yogi: Halal-Certified Products Banned
PC PGurus

According to the notification issues by UP government, food products were being certified as Halal by a parallel system. In India, The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the only body responsible for setting food standards in the country. Thus, the authorities specifically mentioned that only FSSAI has the right to certify the quality of food items.

Lucknow police have taken legal action against four organizations that were extorting money from manufacturers under the guise of Halal Certification.

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust in New Delhi was also named in this fake certification racket. These organizations were defrauding honest Indians and using their extorted money to promote religious divisions in the nation through separatist groups and terror organizations.  

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Rakesh Tripathi, a spokesperson for the BJP, stated that religious beliefs should not be brought into the food industry. He further stated that items; like garments, sugar, oil, etc., which do not need Halal certifications; were being branded as Halal against the law of India.

Was Halal Certification a Form of Jizya?

Why UP government has banned halal-certified products
PC NewsByte

Many detractors of CM Yogi are claiming religious discrimination was the cause behind this ban. They are hell-bent on making this ban on food choices and religious practices. However, the reality is that the ban by CM Yogi is about legal and ethical regulations.

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यूपी के इस शहर में तुलसी अर्क से लेकर धनिया पाउडर पर हलाल प्रिंट, प्रत‍िबंध के बावजूद खूब हो रही बिक्री; हिंदू संगठनों में आक्रोश - Halal certified ...
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The common public opinion is that this certification was a form of illegal Jizya on Bharat’s people. The Halal certification providers extorted money from the manufacturers, therefore, the cost of the final product became higher. Thus, the common man paid more for the products he was consuming. Since all the organizations that were issuing this illegal certification were Islamic, their actions were similar to the long-lost practice of Jizya.

In reality, this certification forces Indian manufacturers to be Sharia-compliant. They were being pushed to pay Islamists who funded their own extremist goals through the money of honest Indians.

The Sanatanis of Bharat were silently being indoctrinated to accept Islamic approval in everything; from food to clothes; via Halal Certifications.

It was a clear case of cultural suppression not dissimilar to Jizya. Thus, CM Yogi’s landmark decision to ban unauthorized Halal certifications is completely justifiable by legal and ethical standards. Additionally, it proves that CM Yogi’s move is not against Islam itself; it is against radical Islamists. It ensures that the role of religion in the labeling and distribution of everyday products is never a part of the growing Indian economy.

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