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Assam’s Hindu Girl Murdered In Love Jihad Case

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Lack of Shatrubodh is a risky game. It’s a game with which Hindu girls are dabbling their lives each day. The modus operandi is simple – an interfaith relationship with a peaceful! The result will be showcased in fridges, suitcases or in this case, a rotting corpse in the apartment!

The Affair

It is so sad that these naive, “woke” girls fall for a deadly trap. It is always the same story. Hindu girl meets Muslim man, they get together and she is found dead. Conversion is a by product of this mess!

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26 year old Assamese girl, Anju Dorjee, found solace with live in partner Mani Khan. Originally from Bokajan, Assam , Anju was living in Six-Mile, Guwahati. Lock hung from her rented apartment. Foul smell from within alarmed neighbours. Anju’s rotting corpse was found within!

The Murder

It was labelled as suspicious death. Upon closer examination, evidence pointed to Mani Khan. Anju had found out that Mani was married and the abbu of two kids.

He left the apartment on 12th November, 2023 to never return. Examination of the CCTV revealed Mani at the centre of the crime. He was arrested from Dispur.

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Love Jihad

This case does not offer any new insight. We have all seen the facts and data before. Even the modus operandi repeats. One might think that this would help the scenario, but sadly, that is not the case!

Ghaziabad love jihad: Khalid poses as Deepak and rapes and converts a Hindu woman, makes her eat beef
PC OpIndia

Romanticizing interfaith relationships cannot repair it. Woke activism worsens matters against Hinduism. Hindu girls and boys lack shatrubodh. This deficiency leads to an astonishing number of love jihad cases. Each of these girls meets an untimely end. Those who survive face a challenging quality of life ahead. Yet, during their heyday, they refuse to acknowledge the facts.

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They actively and openly promote such filth. While meeting their demise, they pave the way for future generations to fall prey to the scheme. The activism highly propagates, but rarely discloses the end result. Even if it does, it purposely conceals the names of the love jihadis.

Why does our Hindu society fail to protect and educate our daughters and sisters? Only one way can save us now. We need to actively instill our roots and culture. Hindus as a society cannot afford to keep losing our daughters and sisters. They have lost their way, but we will bring them back. Let us save our girls by educating them once again.

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