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TMC Doxxes Sandeshkhali’s Rekha Patra, Targets Amrita Roy

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On 28th March, TMC revealed the personal details and card identification numbers of BJP’s Candidate from Sandeshkhali. In response, Amit Malviya, BJP’s IT Cell chief, sounded the alarm bells over this tyranny of leaking the sensitive personal information of an SC woman. As BJP’s Lok Sabha candidate Rekha Patra from Basirhat, Rekh Patra was anointed as Shakti Swarropa by PM Modi himself! Patra, a courageous woman who stood against the atrocities in Sandeshkhali, found herself in the crosshairs of TMC’s political vendetta. A similar fate awaited BJP’s candidate Rajmata Amrita Roy. Lies, threats, and name-calling color CM Mamata’s strategy this election season!

TMC’s Hateful Post On Rekha Patra

TMC’s hateful post on X displays their unethical conduct. They shamelessly posted Rekha Patra’s personal details to tarnish her image.

They asked if PM Modi was aware that Rekha Patra had the Swasthya Sathi card, an alternative state-sponsored health scheme card. Thus, just by owning a card to a public welfare scheme, Rekha Patra was deemed a shameless hypocrite by the TMC IT Cell.

The move met with widespread condemnation, but not of Rekha Patra. Netizens expressed outrage by calling out TMC’s blatant violation of privacy. Additionally, political rivals pointed out their misuse of government resources for political gains. Amit Malviya condemned TMC’s disgraceful act in an X-tweet. He questioned CM Mamata Banerjee’s ability to safeguard citizens’ data as well as provide adequate healthcare in West Bengal. Thereafter, he urged the Election Commission of India to intervene in the matter. Why? To emphasize the urgent need to protect residents’ privacy from TMC’s misuse.

CM Mamata Targets Rajmata Amrita Roy

Because of Siraj-ud-Daullah's torture': Rajmata Amrita Roy fires back at TMC over 'sided with British' charge - BusinessToday
PC Business Today

Unfortunately, Rekha Patra is not alone in TMC’s hateful campaigns. Rajmata Amrita Roy is BJP’s candidate from Krishnanagar, West Bengal. The TMC has made a written complaint against her to the ECI. On what basis? They think the conversation between Rajmata Roy and PM Modi broke the Moral code of conduct!

Please note that Rajmata Roy will fight against Cash-for-Query Scandal Queen Mahua Moitra. 

The ancestor of Rajamata Roy helped the British overthrow Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah. The Nawab was hell-bent on destroying Sanatana Dharma and used Hindu women much like the Saneshkhali mass rape. However, the TMC is misrepresenting this history. They label Rajmata Roy and her heritage as traitors of Bengal. Can they stoop any lower?  

Why Does TMC Hate BJP?

Narendra Modi-Mamta Banerjee Feud: Why TMC and BJP Are At Loggerheads Post Bengal Polls
PC The Quint

Rekha Patra’s candidacy against TMC is looked at as an act of betrayal of TMC! Why? Well, they seem to think that anyone who enjoys public welfare schemes owes their votes to CM Mamata’s party. As if these schemes were funded by TMC’s personal accounts, the shameless party and its leaders wield these public schemes’ benefits like a club to bludgeon the common man.

Rekha Patra led protests against Sheikh Shahjahan’s tyranny in Sandeshkhali. Her voice fought for the oppressed women of the region. Despite facing threats and intimidation, she stood firm, earning the BJP ticket for Basirhat in the LS polls. However, it has put her in the crosshairs of CM Mamata’s ire. 

Similarly, Rajmata Amrita Roy poses a threat to the disqualified MP Mahua. These two BJP candidates are questioned on their honor and loyalty. Almost as if everyone should bow to TMC’s whims in these elections, they use personal attacks to counter BJP’s political moves. 

TMC’s hateful actions underscore the urgent need for accountability and transparency in politics. Let’s hope West Bengal gives a deserving response to CM Mamata and her goons. May Rekha Patra and Rajmata Amrita Roy checked the out-of-control power of CM Mamata and her goons in the state. Let the battle for the 2024 general elections begin. May many more Rekha Patras and Amrita Roys rise up against TMC tyranny.

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