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Sagarika Ghose: Ticket to Rajya Sabha

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In a not-so-surprising turn of events, journalist and author Sagarika Ghose has embarked on a new chapter in her career. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) recently announced her candidature for the Rajya Sabha elections. While some may raise an eyebrow, those familiar with the dynamics of Indian media and politics recognize that this was no bolt from the blue. Instead, it’s a tale of calculated moves, bootlicking, and the delicate dance between journalists and power corridors.

Rajdeep’s Chatukarita Pays Off

Enter Rajdeep Sardesai, another Left journalist. His adoration for Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, is no secret. Sardesai’s charming interviews, his uncritical analysis, and his relentless cheerleading for the TMC have been a spectacle. And now, as Ghose secures her Rajya Sabha ticket, one can’t help but connect the dots. Rajdeep’s chatukarita paid off. His wife’s elevation to the upper house is a testament to the rewards of unwavering loyalty. Now we know why Ghose and Sardesai never raised their voice for victims of Bengal Post-poll violence.

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The Ghose Paradox

Let’s revisit Ghose’s past tweets. In 2012, she boldly declared, “I live by Vinod Mehta’s dictum, being a journalist is far grander, more exciting than RS berths, govt posts. Another good journo joins govt.” Her words echoed the sentiment that journalists should remain detached from political power. Fast forward to 2018, and Ghose tweeted, “Haha! I will never accept any RS ticket or PS ticket or CS ticket from any political party, sir. That I can give you in writing, and you can save this tweet.”

The irony is evident. Ghose, who once praised the virtues of journalistic independence, now stands at the threshold of the Rajya Sabha.

The Irony. | PC – X/@shashank_ssj

But let’s rewind even further. Back in 2010, Rajdeep Sardesai himself tweeted, “Breaking at 8pm on CNN IBN/IBN7: Rajya Sabha for sale: how can you buy a ticket to India’s upper house.” Little did he know that he was inevitably talking about his own wife’s future trajectory. The wheel of fate turns, and sometimes, it lands on unexpected destinations.

Rajdeep’s Predcitions. | PC – X/@rupamurthy1

The Worship Factor

Bootlicking isn’t limited to journalists alone. It’s a currency that transcends professions. Ghose’s transformation—from a staunch advocate of journalistic integrity to a political aspirant—speaks volumes. It’s a reminder that worshiping someone, whether publicly or secretly, can yield dividends in the long run. Ghose’s journey mirrors the age-old adage: “When you bow, you gain favor.”

The Sardesai Family Saga

Finally, let’s talk about the Sardesai family. They resemble the average Desi family at immigration counters in international airports. Each member stands in a different line, but when one reaches the counter, the others follow suit. Rajdeep Sardesai, known for his pro-Congress stance, balances the scales. His wife, a vocal supporter of Mamata Banerjee, adds diversity. And their son, experimenting with #ModiMagic, diversifies the portfolio. It’s a family investment strategy—one that mirrors the complexities of Indian politics.

Sagarika Ghose’s ticket to the Rajya Sabha symbolizes a broader shift in journalism. As journalists shed their neutrality, the lines blur, and the narrative evolves. Whether this trend strengthens democracy or compromises independence remains a matter of debate. But one thing is certain: the media-politics tango continues, and Ghose’s journey is a compelling chapter in this unfolding saga. The lesson? Sometimes, it pays to be a loyal devotee—even if it means swapping the press gallery for the hallowed halls of Parliament. 

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