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CBI Raids 8 West Bengal Locations: Recruitment Scandal Unfolds

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West Bengal is a den of illegal immigrants! The waves of the Recruitment Scandal have reached TMC’s Mamata Banerjee’s shore. CBI conducted searches at eight locations in districts of Kolkata and the 24 North Parganas on February 3rd. The raids by the CBI attempts to uncover the fraud related to fake documents in Armed Forces and Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) recruitment.

Mamata Di’s open arms for illegal immigrants in West Bengal will cost the nation its border security! Her shortsighted political maneuvers endanger the whole of Bharat! Let’s talk about the implications of the Armed forces and CAPF fraud documents scandal.  

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CBI Cracks Down in West Bengal

Bengal: CBI Conducts Searches At 8 Locations Over CAPF Recruitment On Forged Documents

The Calcutta HC instructed the CBI to investigate complaints about the illegal recruitment of candidates into the Armed Forces and the CAPF. Many applicants used fake domicile documents claiming to be residents from the border areas of West Bengal. This claim allowed them to clear examinations with lower cut-off marks.

Thus, these fakes used malpractices to secure government positions that they weren’t entitled to. This is how TMC-protected-illegals are snatching the rights of SC/ST and OBC!

Alarmingly, the FIR filed in connection with the case talks about the induction of Pakistanis into Indian security forces.

Allegedly Pakistanis Also used forged certificates to benefit from this scam.

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While the extent of their involvement remains unknown, this news should ring alarm bells in the hearts of Indians! 

CBI made two arrests till date. One arrested individual is Rajatkanti Mandal. He is an officer in charge of SC, ST, and OBC offices in the District Magistrate’s office. This arrest underscores how those whose job was to protect the underprivileged horribly betrayed their duty!  

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TMC’s Mamata Banerjee’s Demographic Politics Causes Dire Security Concerns

CBI | CBI raids eight locations in West Bengal over forged use of domicile documents in Central Armed Police Forces recruitment - Telegraph India
PC Telegraph India

These revelations question the repercussions of Mamata Banerjee’s porous border policy. Her administration’s leniency towards illegal immigrants causes a headache for the residents of West Bengal. The state’s resources are held at ransom by Mamata Di to protect these illegals. Several times TMC MLAs and MPs were caught on camera asking illegals to approach them for facilitation of legal Aadhar cards! Remember the TMC leader Ratna Biswas‘s video doing this very thing! Unsurprisingly, a TMC MP Alo Rani Sarkar was found to be a Bangladeshi herself by Indian courts, leading to her dismissal! 

Providing shelter and enabling fake documents for illegal immigrants is TMC’s way of playing vote bank politics. However, apart from injustice to the rights of legal citizens these actions raise exacerbating concerns about national security. TMC is using dangerous means to stay in power. Their actions imperil the nation’s well-being by helping illegals get a foothold in security forces.

Points To Ponder

As the investigation unfolds, may the people of West Bengal understand the larger implications of TMC complacency in allowing illegals to access Bharat’s resources. Enhanced border security measures are only effective if the man guarding the border has the best interest of Bharat at heart! Helping illegals exploit the loopholes in the system to get into Armed forces or CAPF is like digging your own grave! However, who can make sense to TMC and its mulish leader!!

The need of the hour is to strengthen the security forces at the border to prevent the incoming waves of illegals. Otherwise, soon these legalized illegals will allow thousands more to come across and overrun the residents of Bharat! The time to act is now! Protect the forces from the presence of Pakistani and other illegals! Else when the time comes no one will stand to protect Bharat’s borders!

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