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Dividing Hindus of India: Congress’ Caste Census 

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When the calendar turned the page from 2022 to 2023, the political landscape in India witnessed a resounding chorus of Congress’ caste census. Rahul Gandhi began his gameplay for the general elections by citing a fake need for a caste-based census. He normalized this attempt at dividing Hindus of Bharat under the guise of social justice and economic equality.

Since then many INDI Alliance leaders have towed the line. From Mamta Banerjee to Siddaramaiah all make it sound like a noble cause. However, a closer look reveals the unsettling reality that should raise alarm bells for every follower of Sanatana Dharma.

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Congress’ Caste Census: A Colonial Echo of ‘Divide-and-Rule’

Poverty biggest caste in India': PM Modi says Congress trying to divide Hindus | TOI Original - Times of India Videos
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The Congress’ caste census might seem progressive on the surface. But it is a devil in disguise. Those familiar with India’s history will recognize it as a dangerous echo of the British colonial ‘Divide-and-Rule’ policy. The British sowed the seeds of division by meticulously categorizing India’s diverse communities along caste lines. They effectively confused jati with jaat to build an artificial categorization of Hindus. They laid a rotten foundation for deep-seated caste-based politics that still plague Bharat.

Caste Census: Congress’ Mirage of Social Justice

SC issues notice to Center on plea related to caste-based census | जाति आधारित जनगणना कराने की मांग, सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने सरकार को जारी किया नोटिस | Hindi News, Zee Hindustan Laws
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The scion of the Nehru family is aptly towing the British line. He wants to engage the emotions of Hindus by dividing them along the lines of caste. It must be noted that he wants a caste census only for Sanatanis.

He refuses to acknowledge similar divisions in Muslim or Sikh communities. His do-or-die effort in the upcoming 2024 general elections is evident in his fake love for Hindus under the mask of cate-politics.  

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INDI alliance supporters argue that it is essential to collect accurate data on the social and economic status of different castes. But hasn’t Bharat already walked down this road before? A caste-based census will only increase the divide among the Hindus of Bharat. It is meant as a tool to further fragment Indian society for the benefit of the Khangress Ka Shehzada.

A United Bharat, Not Divided by Castes

2024 Hindu Unity vs Caste Politics - Key Election Dynamics
PC Adivasi Journal

Bharat is the motherland of Sanatana Dharma. It prides itself on its cultural and spiritual unity that transcends caste and creed. The caste system is not the core identity of Bharat. Those pushing for a caste census are attempting to overshadow the unifying ideals of Sanatana Dharma with the divisive lens of caste-based politics.

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The Khangress hyena clan clamors for a caste-based census by misrepresenting it as a means to address inequality and social justice. However, history has taught that it is a tool to keep the might of the United Hindus of Barat suppressed with infighting. India’s Sanatanis should rise up against this census. They must realize the truth behind this policy that INDI Alliance states are using to keep Sanatanis divided.

A caste census threatens to emphasize the differences in Hindus over commonalities, in a manner alarmingly reminiscent of colonial tactics. The nation’s Hindus should focus on unity, not division. Rather than succumbing to divisive politics, Indians should stay true to the principles of Sanatana Dharma and reject any freebie offered in the name of Congress’ Caste Census.

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