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16 Year Old Dies In Iran For Not Wearing Hijab

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A 16 year dies in Iran for not wearing hijab, highlighting, the sorry plight of women’s rights in the Islamic republic of Iran

There is no doubt that Islam doesn’t care much for women’s rights. But when politics gets mixed with religion, the outcome is fatal.

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Women are expected to conform to social norms and observe proper manners.

While this demand is found everywhere in the world, in Muslim countries the situation is all the more worse.

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But in Iran women are regarded as sub-humans. They have no rights, no liberty.

The Islamic republic doesn’t consider them as human beings. This is highlighted by a horrendous incident.

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Armita Geravand

A 16 year old teenager, Armita Geravand was mercilessly beaten by Iran’s morality police for not wearing the hijab properly.

She had been pronounced brain dead last week after falling into a coma on 1 October.

On October 3, the Kurdish-focused rights group Hengaw was the first one to report her case, stating that she was critically injured during an incident which took place on the underground train network.

She Is Not the First

Armita Geravand is not the first to die at the hands of the Gasht-e-Irshad or Iranian morality police.

Since 1979, women are required to wear the mandatory head scarf or hijab as a matter of upholding “public morality”.

But what kind of public morality is this?

It was Mahsa Amini whose death sparked massive protests in Iran, but the Ayatollah regime launched a vicious and brutal crackdown on dissenters.

Hundreds of people, including innocent women and children have been killed by the Iranian police and army, including the IRGC or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The figure is estimated to be around 1000 by international media outlets.

That the  16 Year Old Dies In Iran for not wearing Hijab should serve as a lesson for Muslim women of Bharat that imagine the pathetic plight of Iranian women.

The Muslim women of Bharat are demanding the right to wear hijab, but just see the condition of Iranian women.

Muslim women of Bharat need to seriously introspect.

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