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Iran is Back to the Medieval Period

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Iran is back to the medieval period with this legislation, the rights for women are shrinking further

The Iranian parliament has recently approved a bill mandating stricter hijab or headscarf rules for the country’s women.

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The bill after being passed by the parliament will go to the Supreme Council headed by the regime’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The bill comes within days of the one year anniversary of the death of 22 year old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini.

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The absurdity of the bill speaks volumes of the regime’s authoritarian stance on women.

What Happened to Mahsa?

Mahsa Amini, a 22 year old woman was arrested last year by the Gasht-e-Ershad or Iranian morality police.

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What were the grounds-

She wasn’t wearing the hijab ‘properly’. Note the irony in the action of the morality police. They arrested her because of not covering her head completely using the hijab even though she was hearing one.

In Iran, wearing the hijab is mandatory as per the Islamic regime’s rules.

She was not only arrested, but was mercilessly beaten, tortured, humiliated so much that she ultimately died.

This sparked massive protests across Iran with condemnation across the world.

But the clerical regime did what it does best-crackdown on dissent and processions.

Till date over 500 people have been killed, thousands injured and thousands more languishing in jail.

The IRGC or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps was the mastermind behind the crackdown.

The Bill is Anti-Women

At a time when democracy is the de-facto form of government almost everywhere in the world and protection of human rights is a universally recognized duty, the Islamic regime of Iran is running roughshod over human rights.

The bill has mandated not only stricter rules for wearing the hijab but also heavier penalties and more punitive punishments.

The bill has effectively cracked down on opposition and dissent.

Clerical regime of Iran has, via the bill, demonstrated that they don’t care about women’s rights.

The bill not only erodes women’s autonomy but also takes away whatever little rights they had.

Authoritarian to the Core

The Islamic regime is authoritarian to the core. Before the revolution in 1979 Iranian women enjoyed all sorts of rights and privileges that democracies provide to women.

But under this despicable regime Iranian women’s voice has been silenced.

The regime doesn’t encourage modernization, neither does it believe in democracy.

Even as Iran is back to the medieval period, the future of Iranian women appears bleak.

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