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2024 Election Survey – Modi Will Come back to Power

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As the Central elections near, the Jaipur Dialogues has conducted a survey to map out the primary issues and results. Elections present an opportunity for examining the key factors and the response of the Janta. To gauge the mood and preferences of the people, we asked five primary questions.

  1. At the geopolitical and national strategic levels, there has been a change in the trajectory of events. With new leaders emerging, we asked who would be the best fit to lead India. These are the following results:
  2. As a constructive critic, the opposition has failed miserably. In fact, it has become more like an accomplice to antinational events by supporting nefarious elements. Taking this into account, we asked respondents who they thought could challenge PM Modi as an opposition candidate. These are the results:
  3. PM Modi has established a strong and indelible position for himself. He has demonstrated his credentials to a significant extent, and more importantly, developed a connection with the people. In light of his popularity surge, we asked people who they thought would be the next PM of India. Candidates from the BJP were among the probable candidates. These are the results:
  4. It will be 10 years since Modi took office as Indian PM in 2024. We asked people how they rated him and his work. Voters have rated PM’s performance on various parameters based on their importance. These are the results of the same:
  5. As India develops at a rapid pace, it has various needs, some of them are core and cannot be compromised. Although there are numerous factors to consider, we identified six major concerns. The results were as follows:
    Additionally, we analyzed the seat share of the BJP and several opposition parties from different zones. For each zone, these results are displayed as pictorial graphics:


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Jaipur Dialogues has been at the forefront of neutral election analysis and positively critiquing government policies. In these preliminary election analyses, the mood of the nation has been assessed. It will also serve as a cue to both the decision-makers and the people of the nation. Many positive changes can still be expected on the ground before the elections in 2024.

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