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The Religious and Historic Roots of Love Jihad

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In an effort to curb the practice of Love Jihad, several state governments in India are contemplating a law against it. However, the activated anti-Hindu machinery is in complete denial of any such thing. A notion is being created that no such thing exists in the first place. Moreover, the official cases are also purposely ignored and labeled as ‘enraged marriage’.

It is therefore vital to establish that Love Jihad is real, and is very much practiced in India. It is rooted in our country years ago, even before the British came. Hence, we are putting into perspective the unholy practice of Love Jihad with the help of religious verses, reports, and the history behind it.

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What is Love Jihad?

In simplest defining terms, it the systematic conversion of Non-Muslim women to Islam by luring them into a relationship. By putting a facade of love, the Muslim men get these women to convert to Islam, sometimes forcibly as well. In turn, the Islamists who are funding and supporting this kind of religious conversion offer ‘incentives’ to the Muslim Men for doing this.

The girls who have been subjected to such systematic conversion are later also employed as slaves or for other ‘Jihadi’ activities as well. The purpose of choosing Non-Muslim women is because Islam prohibits enslaving current Muslims. Hence, non-muslim women are the perfect candidates for this heinous crime.

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Moreover, the Quran also talks about heavenly rewards for those who contribute to the religion. Therefore, the practice of ‘Love Jihad’ may also serve as an incentive to induct more people in Islam and be a bigger and potent claimant of these ‘rewards’.

Religion and History

In order to understand history, we need to go way back to the battle of Badr. The war booty that was obtained after winning the war was divided amongst the Muslim fighters. Which also included ‘Women and Children’. This is known as ‘Maal-e-ghanimat’.

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The Women of the enemy were distributed and they became possessions. The provision was that these women can be ‘enslaved’ to supposedly give them their right to survive. Islam also allows for the masters of these slaves to get married to them.

There was a particular interest in women because they could be used to increase the Muslim population upon enslavement.

In order to understand the concept better, let’s take some references from the Quran:

Surah Al-Baqarah: Ayat 221

Al Baqarah is the second and longest chapter in the Quran. The 221 verse of this chapter explicitly directs that the Muslim men should not marry polytheistic (the ones who believe in more than one deity) women until they believe in Islam.

This verse also states that Muslim men and women should not marry idolatrous people.

Sahih-al-Bukhari: 4.52.268

Chapter 52 of this book deals with Jihad which means fighting for the cause of Allah. It makes it very clear that Jihad is a holy thing. Hadith 268 of this book mentions that ‘Jihad is deceit’. Therefore, deceiving someone for practicing Jihad is completely legitimized in Islam.

Surah At-Tawbah: 9.28

The ninth chapter of the Quran gives more enlightenment for religious supremacy. It says the Idol Worshippers are ‘spiritually impure’ and that they should not enter the holy mosque.

Surah-al-Anfal: 8.39

This instructs the Muslims to do Jihad until the idolatry does not exist. Islam will stand as the supreme religion.

Surah-al-Baqarah 2:216

Here, it is instructed that although Muslims may dislike fighting, it is ‘ordained’ upon them. It is possible that a Muslim may dislike a thing that is good for him and like a thing that is bad. Allah knows everything and you do not.

Sahih-al-Bukhari: 1.7.331

In this, the prophet talks about five things that had been given to him by Allah and were not given to anyone earlier.

  • Allah made me victorious by frightening my enemies
  • The earth is for me and my followers
  • Allah made war booty lawful for me and it wasn’t lawful for anyone before him.
  • Allah has given me the right of intersession
  • Earlier prophets were sent for their nations but I have been sent for the whole of mankind

Last but not least:

Sahih Muslim- 21b

The narrator says, Prophet Muhammad had said that Allah has commanded him to fight against people ‘till they believe he is the messenger of God, till they accept that there is no other god but only Allah’.

All of these religious origins make love jihad the easiest way to follow the commands. Jihad is legitimate according to Islam and it says that it is compulsory. Marriage to a non-Muslim woman is not accepted and the only way to make it legit is to convert the girl to Islam.

Also, Love Jihad serves two purposes. The one is that the men get to convert these women and the second is, their children become Muslims. Thereby ‘contributing’ to the religion.

One should note that Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, had justified the Chibok Kidnapping of 2014 in which about 276 female students had been kidnapped. He said that he will capture people and make them slaves as it was an order from Allah.

It was commonplace during the Mughal period to raid the village and capture the women as slaves. Later these women can be gifted, circulated as slaves and at times could also be married by converting to Islam. 

This Islamic mindset of enslaving the non-muslim women also finds its mention in the year 1761. After the third battle of Panipat, about 22 thousand women and children were forced into slavery by the Muslim rulers. An idea that seems to be derived from the ‘Maal-e-ghanimat’ concept.

The left-liberal gang who has mastered the art to glorify Aurangazeb often forgets the atrocities. Under his rule as well, there was large scale slavery and conversion of Rajput and Maratha women to Islam.

There is no love in ‘Love Jihad, it is just a setup used to lure non-muslim women for recruiting in Islam. Who can later be brainwashed to become terrorists, or can be enslaved, and many other atrocious intentions.

Love Jihad is Global and Local Phenomenon

In the UK, the ‘Sikh Mediation and Rehabilitation Team charity’ published a study report by the title ‘The Religiously Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of Young Sikh Women Across the UK’.

The report reveals that adult Pakistani men were sexually exploiting Sikh girls in the UK for a period of 50 years. The report also talks about how Pakistani men would masquerade and lure the girls for sexual intentions. Notably, in this case, also the Muslim men selectively targeted non-Muslim girls. (1)

Pakistan is a country where the Hindu girls are living in hell. The news of the kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu girls to Islam is so common that it often fails to make a headline. Also, the idea is now widely accepted in Pakistan. The greatly horrifying thing is that these girls are abducted from their home in a broad daylight. (2)

In 2007, the forced conversion of Hindu girls in the UK was reported. The Islamist extremists would forcibly convert Hindu girls to Islam by giving threats and beating. The Muslim Men targeted about 100 such girls. The report mentioned that these extremists were paid 5000 pounds per conversion. (3)

In India, the Popular Front of India which is an organization of fanatics has become the factory of ‘Love Jihad’. The India Today sting operation (4) has provided proof of how the organization brainwashes Hindu and Christian women to convert to Islam.

In the sting operation, the PFI’s women’s wing head boasted to have converted about 5000 people to Islam. Many of them were women. The conversion centers of PFI are disguising as charitable and educational trusts.

In the year 2017, the Kerala High Court had ordered the DGP to investigate the cases of forcible conversions and Love Jihad. The court had given this direction upon witnessing several such cases. Kerala High Court had ‘emphasized the existence of an organizational setup behind such acts’.(5)

The Jihad in the ‘Love Jihad’ is a war on the enemies of Islam while the enemies are mostly Hindus in India. The ‘Love Jihad’ has gained quite a momentum in southern states of India since 2009. It is spreading all over India with the recent example of the shooting of the Haryana girl. The murderer shot her because she refused to marry the Muslim man.

Therefore, Love Jihad in India is a fact and not fiction as opposed to what is described by intellectuals. It is silent, yet a dangerous form of Jihad having religious and historic roots of slavery, continued today for many other purposes.

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