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Salma Nazma Ka Anti-Hindu Nagma: Selective Victimhood of Minorities

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Muslims in India wear many hats every day! Sometimes they are minorities, and sometimes the victim card holders! However, most times they are the aggressors! This is true even in the context of social media, where narratives are often shaped and reshaped to suit their various agendas.

Recently, an Islamist columnist Salma Nazma ignited a storm on X by sharing an alleged incident involving her daughter’s birthday party. However, her aim to demonize the upbringing of Ninfu kids exposes her own deep-rooted anti-HIndu agenda. Let’s talk about the dangerous game of selective victimhood played by Islamists in life as well as on social media! 

The Projection of Bigotry Narrative on Hindus of Bharat

Columnist with The Hindu, Telegraph cooks up another bigot-baby-secular-baby story, had justified death of infant at Shaheen Bagh
PC OpIndia

Salma Nazma used the narration of an alleged incident where her daughter’s classmate allegedly refused to attend her birthday party. Why? The girl was uncomfortable with their Muslim identity.

This leads to the question of how Salma Nazma and her family were presenting themselves in society. How did they behave when even young children feel threatened by their strong ‘peaceful’ faith? Then comes the tweet that she ‘insisted’ the girl attend the party to understand that they were ‘normal’.

Key Takeaways from the Incident:
  1. A Muslim family is upset when a Hindu girl refuses to eat in their home. However, they don’t question themselves on their public conduct! They question the upbringing of the Hindu child. 
  2. This incident is then presented by the Muslim family as an example of a Hindu bigotry upbringing. Although Hindus on X are quick to point out to the Muslim lady about her own bigoted public opinions on Hindus and her continuous anti-Hindu agenda.
  3. The Muslim family strongly insists that the Hindu girl should go home despite her objections to getting a ‘secular’ viewpoint in life. Imagine the situation in reverse! If a Hindu family ‘insisted’ that a Muslim should participate in their celebrations, would the Muslim world be so agreeable as to discuss the situation online? I don’t think so!

Twitter Backlash on Anti-Hindu Angeda:

Hindu netizens and keyboard warriors spent their 20 minutes online fruitfully defending their faith. They swiftly responded by sharing instances of discrimination faced by Hindus in India and abroad. Moreover, they highlighted the irony of Nazma’s victimhood narrative. Some even quoted instances of refusal of prasad from Hindus on auspicious days. More incidents showed a refusal to share a meal with a Hindu family deeming it Haram! 

Then came the moment when Nazma’s anti-Hindu agenda was highlighted by netizens. Her selective victimhood was put on display on X by using her own past tweets. In a 2021 tweet, when ‘LoveJihad’ was facing a backlash from the Muslim community, Salma Nazma urged Muslim boys to stop walking Hindu girlfriends home. Her recent outcry about her daughter’s classmate is starkly different from her own ideology about Muslims.

Selective Victimhood: The Bigotry of “Peacefuls”

The victim card – SandysThattuKada
PC SandysThattuKada

Although the incident is a storm in a teacup, it highlights a much more dangerous attitude. Islamists and zealots wear the ‘chola’ of secularism in public. They critique any and all Hindu practices as bigoted and backward. When that does not work, they try to instigate a feud in the local Hindu community by needlessly pushing a caste narrative.

The Islamists tend to use children as pawns in a larger propaganda war. Nazma’s Anit-Hindu Nagma and anecdotes serve as tools to publicly demonize Hindu children and families. What does this lead to?!! Tilak gets branded as Brahminical oppression! Touching of feet becomes oppressive! Sindoor and Bindi become symbols of female repression!

Such incidents bring to light the hypocrisy of selective victimhood. The Muslim community expects tolerance from Hindus, remember Chicha Javed Akhtar’s words! They can choose to resist being part of the Hindu community and its celebrations. However, the same freedom of choice exercised by Hindus will be presented using the victim card of minorities. Hopefully, Hindus will wizen up to this trend of derogatory remarks that define the Selective Victimhood of the Peacefuls. 

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