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Social Media Influencers are the New Menace

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The so called social media influencers are the new menace, they are undermining our social fabric and playing the minds of the youth

In today’s rapid pace world, social media is the buzzword.

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Without social media, we not only cannot remain connected to the world around us, but also fail to comprehend what is going around the world.

Without social media, formation of social movements via mobilization of people becomes difficult to imagine. It is also the mainstay of millions of businesses.

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Social media is, therefore, the sine qua non in today’s world.

However, not every in social media is rosy, one such thing are the so called ‘influencers’.

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This refers particularly to the influencers in the entertainment and showbiz areas.

Personally, I have nothing against these influencers, but some of them are sending wrong messages to this generation and are ultimately undermining the social fabric of our country.

Let’s identity them-

Andrew Tate

Tate is a businessman, former professional kickboxer and social media influencer.

He has a huge social media presence, but is a toxic individual, who is infamous for derogatory and misogynistic characterization of women.

He is currently under house arrest after being released by the Romanian police on charges of rape and human trafficking.

His tiktok reels and videos are a testimony to the toxic masculinity that has gripped the minds of millions of people.

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed is a Mumbai based actress, model and social media influencer. She shot to fame with the beautiful soap opera on Colors TV- ‘Bepannah’.

However, what makes her highly controversial is her sense of clothing.

To be brutally honest here, I, personally, have nothing against women wearing the clothes of their choice, it is their democratic right and is a symbol of creative liberation.

But at least some sense of decency must be maintained while advocating the cause of fashion.

She must remember that when you are a public figure, you will be subject to close scrutiny by societal stakeholders.

Psycho-Analysis of Negative Influencers

A psycho-cultural perception of these influencers must be understood.

The West in the 1960s and 1970s experienced a counter-cultural movement and revolution where the norm was to defy the majoritarian societal standards.

Defiance of such norms were eulogised as rebelling, not just against the state but also against the society.

While the decades are long gone, its remnants still remain. People like Andrew Tate represent that counter-cultural mindset, they think that speaking disgusting things about women will bolster their so-called “masculinity“.

But guess what, it doesn’t really make you a good human being.

But if you are a disgusting fellow, you remain like that, but why influence more people?

Why make more men toxic?

It is because of people like Andrew Tate that the so-called feminists berate menhood.

Now to Urfi Javed, her massive social media presence is a red-herring sign.

Her provocative sense of clothing is causing this generation to try and emulate such fashion sense which is blantantly against our cultural norms and codes.


It is time that parents take heed of their childrens’ social media activity and maintain cautious approach.

Therefore the social media influencers are the new menace.

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