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Counter of Taliban’s Diplomatic Evolution

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Taliban was a radical Islamic Jihadi terrorist organisation when the American forces landed
on the infertile tracts of Afghanistan in 2001. Back then, Taliban was a brainless entity which loved massacre and bloodbath. Twenty years later when the US forces left Afghanistan into the hands of Talibani terrorists, the terror outfit is now trying to portray itself in more sophisticated and political correct way. To show themselves as responsible representative of people of Afghanistan, they are now holding regular press conferences and giving interviews to female journalists. One would have to be a fool to get trapped into these optics because the actual Taliban is a women oppressor which doesn’t allow girl child education and treat them like animals. Taliban is now eager to gather support and recognition of the globe. In order to achieve this, they are evolving themselves
diplomatically. In a similar move, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has requested India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation for resuming flights to Kabul. India too cannot afford to be completely isolated from the neighbouring Afghan territory. Officially speaking, India share a 106 kilometre long border with Afghanistan which currently lies in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. There is no doubt about India’s diplomatic capabilities and we should continue to behave not like Pakistan. According to Pakistani state, being an Islamic country is a qualification enough for friendly relations among countries. Due to this idea, Pakistan
lost half of its country in 1971 and now it is losing its Islamic partners in the Middle East.

Although Pakistan has a huge role in the Taliban takeover of Kabul, it cannot fulfill the economic needs of Taliban and Afghanistan because of its own grave conditions. Pakistan is known for its discrimination against the Pashtun population which demands for seperate homeland called Pashtunistan. The Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan do not recognise the Durand line which acts as the current border between the two countries. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan which is behind majority of attacks in Pakistan has close ties with Afghan Taliban. It is evident that the Pashtun-Nationalism and Pashtun-brotherhood comes before the Muslim brotherhood. One should not forget the demographic composition of Afghanistan. They too have big internal conflicts with 42% Pashtun population trying to dominate 27% Tajiks, 9% Hazaras, 9% Uzbeks, 2% Baloch and other
ethnic minorities. The Islamic State of Khorasan Province is expanding itself to be a potential threat for Afghan Taliban. India can have much to offer here. Taliban understands this and would want India for infrastructure development in Afghanistan. So, if Pakistan was considering the Taliban’s takeover as India’s endgame in Afghanistan then it could turn out to be the start of a completely new game in which Taliban will look for India’s cooperation. Taliban knows that India’s support would mean the support of many more nations.

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India should try to be more of a neutral partner by neither recognising Taliban nor
being aggressive towards Taliban with backdoor diplomacy at work. Indian establishment
should know that recognising Taliban would mean legalizing terrorism and normalising
terror politics in the world. The only expectation of Pakistan from Taliban is to win Kashmir for them. On the other hand, India don’t have expectations from Taliban but has lot to offer
to them. India has to convince Taliban that being in cordial relations with India is the only
way going forward.

अनुलोमेन बलनंतलोमेन जनम्।
आमतुयबलंशु: वनयेन बलेन वा।।
– Kautilya

According to Kautilya, if your enemy is wicked then you have to adopt a complete opposite method to defeat him. You need to first trap them in your policies before actually fighting a war against them. So, India needs to work on this theory and create a diplomatic trap around Taliban. One needs to understand that if we go deep then the ultimate aim of these terror groups is to kill Kaafirs and bring the rule of Islam in every corner of the world. Ghazwa-e-Hind is their long cherished dream. Pakistan’s whole state policy seems to be hovering around the Ghazwa-e-Hind theory. It seems that India still hesitate to believe all this ploy against the Indian nation. The substantial number of Muslims and the ‘minority’ politics going around them can be ultimate reason for this but in the long run it is not going to do any good for the security of the country. This is a crucial juncture and a test of India’s foreign policy where Indian diplomacy has to cash in for the immunity of the borders. India needs to be stable for its wholesome development and for achieving stability, the Talibani threat has to be neutralised.

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