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Al Jazeera Journalism Unmasked: Journalist By Day, Terrorist By Night

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Al Jazeera was unmasked by Israel and its army! Its guise of journalism was forcefully removed by the IDF. The Gazan journalist, Mohamed Washah, worked for the unapologetically anti-Semitic and anti-Hindu Al Jazeera News Network. After an operation in northern Gaza by the IDF, the resources stored in his laptop showed the reality of Hamas, Islamists, and Al Jazeera. Additionally, the pictures and documents in the laptop tell an insidious tale of how two-faced biased reporting and terrorism walk hand-in-hand in Palestine!

Mohamed Washah: Al Jazeera Journalist Or Hamas Terrorist?  

Israel claims Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Washah is also senior Hamas commander in Gaza Strip amid war - India Today
PC Times Now

The Israeli Army claims that a Palestinian journalist working in Gaza moonlighted as a senior commander in Hamas’s military wing.

The IDF recovered pictures and documents from Mohamed Washah’s laptop that show he was a journalist for Al Jazeera by the day and a Hamas terrorist by night!

Mohamend Washah featured several times on Al Jazeera broadcasts since the Gaza war began. After an operation in the Hamas camps in the northern Gaza Strip, Washah’s laptop was recovered by the Israeli Army. Lt Col Adrae of the IDF states that information from the recovered laptop reveals Mohamed Washah as a ‘prominent commander’ in Hamas’ anti-tank missile unit.

In 2022, Mohamed Washah began to work in the research and development of Hamas’ air unit. IDF’s investigation of the recovered laptop uncovers the horrific details of this terrorist wearing the disguise of a journalist in Gaza!

Hamas-Gaza-Israel War: A Case Study Of The Islamist Playbook 

The Gaza war strategy by Hamas showcases a well-known narrative of Islamist War Tactics. They provoke and attack the innocent causing a shockwave in the non-Muslim world. Thereafter, they hide behind their women and children or civilians. If the victims of such an Islamist attack dare to respond, the appeasement ‘toolkit’ kicks into action.

What is the evidence that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields? - Quora
PC Quora

The ‘toolkit’ unapologetically condemns the victims for responding to their attackers. ‘Kind-hearted’ and ‘well-meaning’ pseudo-humanitarians protect the Islamist attackers. Why? The answer is simple, the victim card! The same game is in play across the world. What they did in Gaza, they repeated in Haldwani and Bareilly in India. They provoke, they attack, and then claim innocence via victimhood! Bharat needs to learn how Islamists are like wolves in sheep’s clothing! Humanitarians need to realize that good education, good jobs, and a balanced lifestyle is never the goal of an Islamist’s life!

Is it accurate that Israeli Defense Forces have never targeted children? - Quora
PC Quora

Islamists across the world work with single-minded focus on goals like Jihad, Ghazwa, and Dawah!

Terrorists of Hamas can survive a 100-day war by hiding behind civilians. If you think these civilians are innocent, then look at this case of a ‘civilian’ Gazan Al Jazeera journalist. The case of Mohamed Washah should teach the world two things. Firstly, Al Jazeera is probably not just an innocent news network. Secondly, Islamists may come in many disguises but always have terrorism as their purpose. May Bharat soon unmask the reality of Indian Islamists and the ‘peacefuls’ who support them. Let 2024 general elections’ verdict be guided by this reality of the ‘One Book Religion’ and its terror-mongering ‘peacefuls’! 

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