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US Capitol Hill Erupts with Hostile Pro-Palestine Protests

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On Wednesday, the 18th of October 2023, a mob stormed Capitol Hill in the USA under the guise of Pro-Palestine Protest. This event unfolded amidst the ongoing turmoil in Gaza, pitting Israel against Hamas terrorists. The demonstrators wore black T-shirts with slogans like “Jews say cease-fire now” and “Not in our name,” gathered at the Cannon Rotunda within the Cannon House Office Building.

A Demand for Ceasefire Turns Unruly

Israel Gaza War, Israel Hamas War, Gaza Hospital Attack: Not In My Name: Jewish Protesters At US Capitol Demand Ceasefire In Gaza

The protests were marked by chants for an immediate ceasefire. Banners with the words “Ceasefire” and “Let Gaza Live” held high, the protesters were determined to make their voices heard. However, this Pro-Palestine protest wasn’t an ordinary gathering but one that would escalate in the hours to come.

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The US Capitol Police, tasked with ensuring the security of the Capitol, issued warnings to the protestors as they occupied the building’s rotunda. The police expressed their concerns that the demonstrations violated the preset rules for protests within the Capitol. Although the protestors initially entered the building legally, a shift in there was evident in the later stages of the protest. Soon the mob turned unruly leading to hundreds of arrests, 3 individuals even faced charges of assaulting a police officer.

Rashida Tlaib’s Speech Stokes Fires in Pro-Palestine Protest 

Rep. Rashida Tlaib draws fire for not apologizing for saying Israel caused Gaza hospital blast - ABC News

At the forefront of this pro-Palestine rally stood the group known as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP). This is a Jewish ‘anti-Zionist’ organization. It has a reputation for its vociferous protests and boycott campaigns against Israel and its agendas. Their website clearly outlines their mission. They fully support the Palestinian ‘freedom’ struggle.

Before the JVP’s demonstration, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib delivered a passionate speech that further stoked the flames of unrest.

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She spoke of the alleged attack on Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza. She falsely claimed it was the result of Israeli forces’ actions. However, emerging pieces of evidence have proved her wrong. Her speech also criticized US President Joe Biden for supporting Israel in the conflict. The ominous undertone of her speech implied consequences for those who disagreed with her stance.

Rashida Tlaib’s Controversial Stance

Rashida Tlaib 'struggles' with idea of uprooting Israeli settlements - The Jerusalem Post
PC The Jerusalem Post

Tlaib’s association with the JVP and her continuous support for pro-Palestine campaigns have drawn considerable attention. She has remained silent when questioned about Hamas’s brutal attacks on Israeli civilians. This emphasizes her pro-Palestine stance irrespective of any terrorist activities. Tlaib’s past history of boycotting Bharat’s PM Narendra Modi’s speech to the US Congress and her connections with other anti-India organizations is a growing concern. Such an individual is an elected member of the US Congress and continues her association with extremist groups and activities. Thereby, raising red flags of controversy in making.

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Why Is the World Ablaze with Protests? 

Amid Israel-Hamas war, pro-Palestine protesters flood US, Europe streets | Photos - India Today
PC India Today

Pro-Palestine protests continue across the world! Some of the protests that demand peace have turned hostile just like the US Capitol Hill protests. The protest going wrong at Cannon Rotunda exemplifies the ongoing extremist polarization of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the Israeli offensive increases, nations across the globe are experiencing heightened tensions within their own borders in the name of Pro-Palestine Protests and Marches. While most radicals and zealots condemn Israel, they refuse to acknowledge the atrocities of Hamas.

Is the conflict in Israel unmaking the reality of Global Muslim solidarity? Will all nations face an implosion from within their borders to show solidarity with Hamas? Will our nations ever recover from the onslaught of terror in the name of religion? As time ticks by, every nation across the globe is feeling the heat of the Israel-Hamas conflict. May God grant peace to the lives lost every day in the struggle for dominance in the Middle-East. 

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