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Iranian Regime’s Bizarre Language Diktat

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The Iranian regime’s bizarre language diktat is sure to take the country back to the stone edge, but then what more can be expected

Language is the most important faculty and unique faculty that human beings have been vested with.

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Unlike other animal species, we humans are the only ones that can talk.

Language is the expression of an individual’s feelings, emotions, psychology and abstract thinking ability.

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Language has led to many revolutions in global history,one of the notable planks of the Bangladesh liberation war was the identity as a Bengali speaking community.

But Iran has made a complete mockery of the salience of language.

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While the Islamic regime is despicable for many things, this time what the Islamic regime has done is not only hilarious but also very concerning, at least for the future of the Iranian children.

Bans all Foreign Languages

The education ministry of Iran has banned the teaching of all foreign languages, including English and Arabic to children studying in kindergarden or primary schools.

Persian or Farsi is the only official language in Iran. The rules for dual nationals are even stricter in this regard.

Dual national Iranians cannot admit their children in international schools leading to a dramatic drop in school admissions.

Logic Behind this Step

The Iranian clerical regime has stated that teaching foreign language to children at an early age undermines the “identity of Iranian children”.

The ministry reasoned that internalization of foreign languages may lead to westernization of Iranians and will erode Iranian values.

This will fuel conspiracies against the regime “adversely affect the peace and security of the Islamic republic”.

What does it Demonstrate?

This bizarre step clearly shows the medieval era mentality of the regime.

History says that the duty of every country is to keep up with the times, but with Iran this seems to be the opposite case.

Iranian regime’s bizarre language diktat will ultimately dilute the human capital of Iran.

But then the Islamic republic doesn’t really care about this.

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