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Unchecked Anti Hindu Sentiments

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Words convey perceptions. Sometimes dangerous ideas are perpetrated under the pretext of simple freedom of speech and expression. However, time and again, these ideas are always surrounding and attacking a specific community. It’s obviously the Hindu community that faces the harsh lashes of the belt(through anti hindu sentiments).

The Sanyasi

A specific Left publication referred to the decision of becoming a Sanyasi or a monk as a “radical and consequential choice”. The irksome part here is the choice of the word “radical”. Radical is the word used for extremists and in most cases, the Abrahamic followers.

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The idea points out to the fact that the Sanyasi goes through a “radical” set of rituals for purity of the soul. Post these, they uphold non violence above everything else. It is like a back handed slap and a compliment.

It is also a soft attempt to associate the Sanyasi with the Left coined term “Saffron Terrorist”.

Misguiding the People

What needs to be pointed out is the fact that there are multiple sources that are working against the Hindutva forces. To weaken the Hindu foundations, such false remarks are made. They urge the Hindus to be submissive in face of violence.

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To make their case, they will quote the fact that Hindus have always been heralds of peace regardless of the propagandas around them. This works well on some gullible Hindus who have mixed ideas of what it means to be a Sanatani.

Who is a Sanyasi?

A Sanyasi is a person who has given up the material possessions of the world. Their work is for the society with no desire for the self.

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In this process, if they see the society is being attacked from all over by anti Hindu elements, it is well within their duty to advise the Hindus to protect themselves. However, the Supreme Court milords look at it as an act of inciting violence.

The milords along with the vicious circle of print media then goes ahead to bring down the Sanyasi brethren.

How is Proclaiming Protection Equating to Violence?

I pose one question: If a community is asked to protect themselves from the violence of the others, how is the preacher a radicalist? How is he inciting violence?

Why is the moral fibre of the Sanyasis in question being raised in doubt? It is Dharma of every Hindu to protect and uphold their religion. So why is there this vile spew of hatred for the sanyasis? Why are they being coloured in this terror like light?

All Hail Sanatana

Seeing how the climate is so volatile with the anti Hindu sentiments, it is imperative that we as a community stand together and not only defend our Dharma but also stand our ground and fight back such negative forces!

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