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Pakistan Army’s Fuel Crisis Leads to Cancellation of Military Exercise

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The latest news from Pakistan reports of extreme fuel shortage in the army. The self-professed ‘Overpowering’ Pakistan Army’s fuel crisis. Pakistan is infamous for rising inflation and unemployment. It is known for illegally outsourcing its problems by boatloads to Europe. Currently, its latest victim is the army. The Pakistani army is suffering severe backlash from the nation’s political and economic turmoil. The Pakistani military is the 6th largest in the world. However, the government has halted all army drills and war exercises due to a dire scarcity of reserve fuel and lubricating oils.

Pakistan and its Army

Pakistan Army comes up with fuel-saving strategy amid worsening financial crisis
PC Daily Pakistan

The Pakistani Army is considered the 7th largest in the world. It’s also considered the most corrupt force in the world. The Pakistani Army has successfully orchestrated several coups in Pakistan. The current political turmoil is also attributable to disagreements between a political party & its head and Pakistan’s army. Consequently, the nation of Pakistan has been on the brink of collapse for several months. Currently, the fuel prices are 262/liter for petrol and diesel in Pakistan(Pakistan Army’s Fuel Crisis). Additionally, basic commodity prices have risen beyond the reach of the common man.

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The local population of Pakistan is usually very proud of its army. The most popular political strategy of Pakistan is to falsely showcase its military might in comparison to India. Additionally, the army is known to flex its strength by projecting false victories in skirmishes with India. The people usually believe this propaganda and readily support the agenda of the political parties. However, their attitudes have changed in the last few years in Pakistan.

The Imran Khan faction has successfully disassociated with the ‘Pakistani Army Pride’ publicity model. Contrarily, he has driven a rift between the people and the army.

And he has irrevocably changed the public perception of the Pakistani Army. Thus, the fuel shortage is shameful testimony to the state of Pakistan Army among the nation’s priorities.

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The Pakistani Army holds the lifeblood of Pakistan in its hands. It directly or indirectly controls the resources of the nation. It is engaged in tussles with the Afghanistan terror outfits within the nation and its borders. Additionally, it is also suppressing separatist uprisings within the nation. Thus, the lack of reserve fuel in the nation is a massive blow to the operations of this pseudo-apolitical organization. The army is unable to procure the required reserve fuel and lubricants to operate tanks, trucks, and armored vehicles. Earlier reports state that the Pakistan Army was also facing a shortage of basic food items in army messes. Therefore, it was inevitable, even predictable, that the government would halt military drills and exercises.

Lessons for India

Why India appears strangely silent on sky-high fuel prices
PC The Print

India is sitting in an enviable position of having its cake and eating it too! The Indian government has negotiated several beneficial contracts with foreign countries. The improved diplomatic ties with foreign nations has ensured no shortage of fuel for the nation. However, the fuel prices are still soaring in India. Commodity prices have also soared due to fuel price hikes and crop damage due to temperamental weather conditions.

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Although global recession and the Ukraine-Russia war impacts India’s economy, the government must pay close attention to the consequential increased cost of living. Indian consumers have a long-term memory when political decisions hurt their pockets. They usually vote with this grudge in their hearts. Short-term memory of India’s global accomplishments does not change the minds of the Indian voter. The upcoming 2024 general elections will not be a fight on ideology, national integrity, or freebies. It will be a war for survival for the common man. The BJP is advised to implement swift policies to bring down commodity and fuel prices. Otherwise, it will just hand over an easy victory to all its detractors and opponents.

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