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Barack Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’ Burns France and Europe

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Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize even after his administration dropped thousands of bombs on foreign land. The coveted prize was a recognition of Obama’s contribution to the decline of the Middle East and North Africa. It celebrated Obama’s status as a stooge of the Rothschild Network. He was awarded the prize for successfully disabling the European Union and bringing it to its current state of continent-wide riots by immigrants.

Bolivia: Does Obama deserve Nobel Peace Prize?!
PC Al Arabiya

The Rothschild Banking Lobby and his George Soros ‘toolkit’ successfully brought two continents to its knees. Consequently, it planted the first seeds of Islamization in Europe to control the rising powers in the continent. Barack Obama’s effective media policies glorified riots and rioters, encouraged religious extremist ideology, and stopped nationalism in its tracks across Africa. Barack Obama’s Arab Spring effectively targeted seven nations in the Middle East and North Africa. And its aftershocks burn France and Europe.

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What is Barack Obama’s ‘Arab Spring’?

Three down, two to go: Obama gives veiled threat to violent Syrian... | Download Scientific Diagram
PC Araźna, Marzena. (2015). The Arab Spring and its influence on European Union Policy.

The covert actions of Obama and US Deep State gave birth to a series of uprisings and social movements that swept across the Middle East and North Africa called the ‘Arab Spring.’ The Western Media called these movements a pivotal moment in the region’s history. However, their underlying agenda was to change the regime and install puppet governments. Consequently, some attempts were successful, while they all caused a change in the political scene of the Middle East and North Africa.


The story of ‘Arab Spring’ begins in Tunisia when Mohamed Bouazizi, a common man, self-immolated to protest the tyranny of police and government in 2010. The Obama administration publicly sided with the protestors and rioters. They orchestrated a regime change by dethroning the President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisian in January 2011.

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The fire of protests under the ‘Arab Spring’ spread into Egypt. The nation saw streets run over by protestors against President Hosni Mubarak. The Obama administration glamorized these acts in the media. Consequently, international political pressure successfully changed the regime in Egypt in February 2011.

Other parts of the Middle East and North Africa

The Arab Spring resonated beyond Tunisia and Egypt. Countries like Libya, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, and others faced unique uprisings of protests and conflicts. The US government supported opposition groups and called for the resignation of autocratic leaders in the cases of Libya and Syria. The Obama administration and its allies participated in military interventions in Libya to protect civilians and facilitate regime change.

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Algeria and Morocco were also affected by the winds of the ‘Arab Spring’; however, the protests were not as strong. Local administrations quickly brought the situation under control. They instilled changes in policies and laws to gain peace in their nations. 

Syria was spared direct involvement of the US by Russian intervention. However, Syria still burns in the fires of civil wars. Moreover, the price of Russian interference is the current Ukraine-Russia war.

The Obama administration used double standards and two-faced policies while responding to Arab Spring winds in their allied nations. The US was more cautious in dealing with protests in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The US gave importance to its strategic and security interests in these nations. It conveniently ignored the cases of repression or human rights abuse. Thus, the Middle East and North Africa were affected by Barack Obama’s masterstroke of the ‘Arab Spring.’

Obama’s Hand in the Burning of France and Europe

France riots: Fuelled by everyday discrimination - BBC News

The consequence of the powerplay and regime change in the Middle East and North Africa was a mass exodus toward Europe. The regional instability and insecurity caused by the Arab Spring created a ripple effect across the continent. It led to a sense of uncertainty and insecurity in the people of the Middle East and North Africa. As a result, large groups of people sought better opportunities and safety by migrating to Europe.

The ‘toolkit’ gang immediately came into action to work with different governments to include changes in border control, asylum procedures, and the establishment of relocation and resettlement programs. The large inflow of migrants into European nations resulted in demographic changes in the continent.

The displaced residents of Muslim nations were given European citizenship with the effort of the Rothschild Banking Lobby stooges. Thus, Europe saw a sharp rise in its Muslim population. Most of these are naturalized Muslims from Islamic nations that suffered during the flames of the Arab Spring fanned by the US government.

These naturalized Muslim do not feel at home in their new country. Their loyalty remains in their country of birth. The cultural disparity, the religious division, and the economic gap has led to the burning of Europe and France at the hands of unemployed radical migrant Islamists. And the blame lies fairly at the door of Barack Obama and the Rothschild Banking Lobby.

Lessons For India

Obama Raises Concerns About Protection Of Muslim Minority In India Amid PM Modi-Biden Meet
PC Free Press Journal

The statements made by Obama on India’s internal conflicts and the rights of minorities should be a red herring for all Indians. He has stated the agenda of the ‘toolkit’ gang and the banking lobby. Their end game is to divide India into regions that are easy to manipulate. They want India to burn under similar fires of glamourize protests and riots. The nationalist policy of India that has saved its sinking economy does not suit their taste.

Moreover, their second choice is a puppet ‘Pappu’ government which will let them loot India of resources. An Indian nationalist government is the only shield against the maneuvers of the Rothschild machinery. The Indian voters should wonder why policies of progress are protested and given media support. They should wonder who benefits from a weak coalition puppet government. They should also wonder about the cost of ‘freebies’ to India. Personal petty profits shall lead to corrosion of India from within. Indian voters should ‘Be Aware and Be Wise’ when facing the voting machine.




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