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Muslim Leader Slams ‘Hate Agenda’ of US Representative Ilhan Omar

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Atif Rasheed, ex-vice chairman of the National Commission for Minorities, wrote a stinging tweet in response to the US Lawmaker Ilhan Omar’s hate speech against Modi. The Muslim leader slammed the US citizen for propagating a Hate Agenda against India. His tweet caustically reassured the two US Democrats of the well-being of Muslims and other minorities in India. Additionally, his tweet re-iterated the safety of freedom of religion and speech in India.

Live Freely in PM Modi's India': Muslim Leader Smashes U.S. Lawmaker Ilhan Omar's 'Hate Agenda' | Hindustan Times
PC Hindustan Times

Ilhan Omar and Her Bias Against India

Republicans aim to oust Rep. Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs panel | PBS NewsHour

The Somalia-born naturalized US citizen Ilhan Omar has been very vocal about her anti-Modi stance in the US. This US representative is a hard-core example of a radicalized Islamist who refuses to recognize the progress of India and only focuses on the fake voices of dissent of the Indian Opposition. Her vitriolic statements condemned Indian policies and the treatment of Indian minorities, questioned the health of Indian democracy, and demonized the BJP government and PM Modi.

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Ms. Omar views India’s policies of CAA and NRC objectionable. Furthermore, she classifies them as extremely discriminatory against minorities. However, the presence of CAA is an olive branch held out for discriminated minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other neighboring nations. Moreover, the NRC is a law against illegal immigration in India. Her words seem to originate from her lack of understanding of the socio-political and religious situations in the Indian Subcontinent. Her inflamed words are a typical example of Gen-Z’s low on factual data and high on emotions.

Ilhan Omar’s fertile imagination created a convoluted image of the suppression of Khalistan Terrorist groups in India.

She imagines the state of Sikhs in today’s India is similar to that of the 1984 Sikh riots. However, every true blood Sikh of India stands firm with the Central government. Her words and speeches underline her as the George Soros ‘toolkit’ minion. Soon she might compare India, the rising global power, to her home country Somalia.

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Who created India’s Shady International Image?

Rahul Gandhi in US: Why Indian politicians woo the diaspora - BBC News

The blame game for tarnishing India’s International Image will always stop at Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s doorstep. Mr. Gandhi visited the US and met with a few people at small events last month. Some of his organizers had dubious links to Pakistan and terrorist groups. He spewed venom against India on a global platform. Mr. Gandhi questioned the policies of the Indian government and their actions on foreign land. He disgraced the people of India by questioning the authenticity of Indian elections. Mr. Gandhi implied that democracy is dead in India. Additionally, he indicated that the elections are a mockery just because he lost the last general elections.

The Indian Liberal media should also consider their role in this fake portrayal of India. In their goals to project Congress as the savior of the Indian people, they have resorted to misinformation campaigns. Their obvious Nehru-Gandhi bias has tried to add stumbling blocks in the path of India as a rising global power. They should remember that the ultimate goal is the progress of India as a nation. Their aim should be to criticize the Modi government. Their actions should not make the country a vulnerable target for people like Ms. Ilhan Omar.

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Thus, the opposition leaders and media should remember to present themselves as Indians first. They must never forget that George Soros’ toolkit gang watches India like a vulture. This vulturous gang will tear into any weakness displayed by the Indians. They must forever watch their words and actions to avoid turning India into a joke in the eyes of the world. Indian leaders should remember that any respect they receive is proportional to the respect India receives on global platforms. The response of Mr. Atif Rasheed to Ms. Omar has aptly displayed the attitude that India must present to all those who act as a hurdle to India’s progress.

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