Thursday, July 25, 2024

Hitting back at the West

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Hitting back at the West is symptomatic of Bharat’s assertive foreign policy which is essential

The liberal media is aghast at Bharat’s aggressive posture towards Canada.

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They never fathomed that it was capable for Bharat to ever challenge a Western country, let alone a first world country like Canada.

They are having a meltdown, which I, honestly am enjoying a lot.

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Jokes aside, what is happening in Indo-Canadian relations is unimaginable but in an era of big upsets this is all the more expected.

Bharat is no longer what it used to be-meek, submissive, docile and easily susceptible to criticism.

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We followed the highly misguided and literally imbecile Gandhian policy of “turning the other cheek to our adversary”.

This is a new Bharat, no longer will we tolerate any more affronts to our sovereignty, we will do what it absolutely necessary to protect ourselves.

Humiliation by the West

As Bharatiyas, we can never forget nor will ever forgive the atrocious treatment at the hands of the Western powers.

Three hundred years of humiliation is something that is etched deep in the conscience of every patriotic Bharatiya.

We Indians were insulted, berated, racially abused, called names. Our history, culture, philosophy, ethics etc were made fun of.

We Indians were looked down upon in every sphere of life.

This is something that J Sai Deepak in India, That is Bharat has brilliantly written about.

Our country was looted, our industries ravaged, our people humiliated and our mentality enslaved.

It is the not only the British that must take the blame but the Portuguese, French, Danish and the others.

Giving them back in kind

The expulsion of a top Canadian diplomat on one hand and halting visas for Canadian nationals is a signal to the West that we will hit back with proportional force to return you the favour.

The strong public support for Bharatiya government’s actions shows that decolonisation of the Indian mind is moving ahead progressively.

If Canada understand that this is the old Bharat, they are gravely mistaken. It is time that they introspect urgently.

Hitting back at the West will continue as long as they do not mend their ways and perceptions.

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