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What Is Up With The Malfunctioning BJP IT Cell?!

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The Election results came across. There was a wave of joy amongst INDI Alliance supporter cause even though they lost, they were happy to stop the chariot of the BJP! The BJP supporters are still in a dull space, inspite of the third term of PM Modi! What is even more disappointing for the supporters is the BJP IT Cell!

BJP IT Cell Fiasco

In a recent tweet, Amit Malviya, In-charge of BJP’s National Information & Technology Department, celebrated the BJP’s impressive performance in the elections. He stated, “The BJP is leading on 240 seats. Congress is a distant second with just 98. It had won 145 and 206 seats in 2004 and 2009, respectively. After a decade in power, 240 is an outstanding performance. NDA is on course to form government for a third consecutive term. Can’t quite figure out what the Congress is waxing eloquent about.

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Criticism of the BJP IT Cell

However, the celebration of BJP’s success is marred by internal criticisms from its supporters, who feel neglected and undervalued. Sanjay Dixit, Chairman of the Jaipur Dialogues, voiced his angst in a tweet responding to Malviya, saying, “You don’t know how to support those who support you. You did not respond even to requests for organising interviews, or to check the views scam. Own up.”

Sanjay Dixit’s grievances highlight a recurring issue within the BJP’s IT cell. The lack of support for its own digital warriors. While the BJP has effectively leveraged social media to amplify its message and rally support, it has often overlooked its core supporters who tirelessly promote the party’s agenda. The IT cell’s focus appears to be misdirected, prioritizing influencers with leftist and anti-India mindsets over loyal proponents of the party.

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Creator Awards But No Supporters Awarded?

This criticism gains traction when considering the recent controversy over the BJP’s Creator Awards. Instead of recognizing and rewarding supporters who actively champion the party’s cause, the awards have been accused of favoring influencers! They do not align with the BJP’s core ideology. This has led to discontent among the party’s grassroots supporters. They rightly feel their contributions are being overshadowed by those with opposing views.

The disconnect between the BJP’s leadership and its supporters is a pressing issue that demands attention. While the party’s electoral achievements are noteworthy, sustaining long-term success requires nurturing and valuing its base. Supporters like Sanjay Dixit play a crucial role in maintaining the party’s digital presence and mobilizing voters, and their concerns should not be dismissed lightly.

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While Amit Malviya’s tweet rightly celebrates the BJP’s electoral success, it also inadvertently opens up a conversation about the party’s IT Cell and the treatment of its supporters. Addressing these grievances and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for its digital warriors could bolster the BJP’s position even further, ensuring continued success in future elections. The party’s leadership must recognize and rectify these issues to maintain the loyalty and enthusiasm of its base. It is instrumental in its sustained dominance.

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